Dec 3 2012 5:30pm

New Man of Steel Poster

New Man of Steel poster shows Superman in chainsYou have the right to remain super!

In a scene taken from the brief Man of Steel trailer, the new poster for Zach Synder’s highly anticipated Superman reboot shows the Last Son of Krypton in handcuffs being lead into some sort of custody. What has Supes done? How great does Henry Cavill look in the suit? Could the reason he’s been arrested have to do with the lack of red super trunks? 

[News via Collider]

rishi kissoon
1. rkx
Personally I think this is brilliant marketing...

Because when you think of Superman... You think S-shield... You think
awesome.. You think Flight... You think Epic.. You think grand.... You
think Godlike...

You DON'T think subdued... you DON'T think handcuffed... You DON'T think fearful.... You DON'T think 'human'...

Plus it's sooooooooo very different to what we expect... It shakes off
all the Superman that has come before... and shows us something
different... it says... Yes.. this is Superman... But it isn't Superman
you've seen before...

I like it.
8. TimmyTwoStep
What the eff are you talking about? He doesn't look subdued, fearful, or human in this poster.

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