Dec 11 2012 1:20pm

New Full Trailer for Man of Steel

Full trailer for Man of Steel, the new Superman movie

The full theatrical trailer for the next incarnation of Superman—Zack Synder’s Man of Steel—has hit the Internet. Will Supes reveal his secret identity to the world? Will Amy Adams be the best Lois Lane ever? First glimpses of General Zod, plus more of Russell Crowe’s Jor-El. And a lot of Henry Cavill’s beard. 

What did you think?

3. sofrina
sold. i was really doubting henry cavill after that bruce willis/sigourney weaver movie, but i'm back on board now.
Joseph Newton
4. crzydroid
When I first heard about this reboot, I was a little skeptical. I was afraid they were going to go too much with the gritty realism/Batman route, when Superman should be more of the pure Captain America kind of hero. And while there are still some overtones of that with the color tone of the film (you know, the same way all movies are shot nowadays), I'm getting myself a little psyched for this.

My question is, how long is this movie? A lot of the trailer seems to be about Clark's life growing up, and I'm all onboard for that. Superman's life in Kansas is the number one thing that made him who he is. But I'm wondering if one movie has room for all of the growing up and question as well as the whole military against him thing AND a General Zod invasion. I only say that because these trailers make it seem like the growing up stuff is a much bigger part than it was in the 1978 film. I'm a little worried that one of those storylines is going to get short shrift, or it will be 3.5 hours.
Rich Bennett
5. Neuralnet
wow, so much better than the last trailer I saw where it looked like superman was a fisherman. I think this time they get it right... I like the look of the villian... is it confirmed that it is General Zod?
Angela Korra'ti
6. annathepiper
.......... okay yeah, I was in anyway because of Russell Crowe as Jor-El, but now the movie itself is starting to show some promise!
Alan Brown
7. AlanBrown
I was curious but not excited about this movie, but this trailer looked pretty darn good. Looks better than the Christopher Reeve films, which were pretty corny. I agree that Superman is more of a Captain America type of character, but just because a movie is about a moral person doesn't mean it can't have gritty elements, and show the price that heroes sometimes have to pay to live up to their morals.
8. Brandi87
I've never considered myself a Superman fan, but this trailer really sold it for me. I'll be there. I loved Henry Cavill on The Tudors. And I love Kevin Costner. And I love Russell Crowe. And superheroes. All together.

Next summer's gonna be awesome.
Liz J
9. Ellisande
@4 I have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's only about half an hour in Kansas. Seems like the bus event is fairly pivotal which would segue nicely into the wandering about, trying to fit in and not be heroic thing, from the teaser. I think we're seeing a proportionately longer bit of Kansas in the trailer because it sets the tone, not because it's going to be 75% of the movie.
10. wizard clip
@7: Christopher Reeve's Superman is corny?! Okay, the world would be a better place if parts 2,3, and 4 never existed, but Reeve's first outing as Superman is pure gold all the way (well, maybe we can ignore that Lois Lane "Can you read my mind" voiceover sequence), and, for my money, has yet to be beaten by any other superhero movie---though The Incredibles comes close.
11. Incredulous
@ wizrd clip: The "world would be a better place if parts 2, 3 and 4 never existed". I'm shocked. I remember seeing Superman in theatres when it first came out. I was massively disappointed. The whole "spinning the earth backwards to turn time backwards" was ridiculous. The producers clearly didn't know anything about the genre and were so star-struck with having Mario Puzo involved that they elected to forsake any pretence at plot. Superman 2 was definitely the highlight of the series.
12. sofrina
@7 - "just because a movie is about a moral person doesn't mean it can't have gritty elements, and show the price that heroes sometimes have to pay to live up to their morals."

too true.
13. wizard clip
@Incredulous: Yeah, that whole spinning the earth backwards thing. Well, I choose to see that as a representation of Superman himself surpassing the speed of light and travelling backwards through time, rather than literally reversing the earth's rotation (which would simply result in tearing the planet's surface apart and killing everyone). You might argue I'm rationalizing, but on the other hand, you have to rationalize a lot to accept anything Superman does, what with all the defiance of the laws of physics and whatnot.

Ironically, I took Superman II as a sign that the producers and the new director didn't understand the genre, given the gusto with which they embraced a campy interpretation and all those Herman Munster moments they thrust Clark Kent into. And then there are the gigantic, gaping holes in the film's internal logic, and finally, the magic amnesia kiss that Clark gives Lois at the end must be one of the greatest cop outs in movie history. When the film first came out I was disappointed but did not have an intense dislike for it. But after repeated viewings, I can only see the many flaws, and in fact can only stand to watch small portions of it.

Obviously, we'll have to agree to disagree.
Joseph Newton
14. crzydroid
@13: Another problem with Superman II was apparent budget cuts. I think it was more like Lester was trying to stay within the budget because that was one of the concerns they had with Donner. But it definitely shows in the film.
Keith DeCandido
17. krad
I geeked out way more over seeing Richard Schiff and Michael Shannon (who are apparently playing, respectively, Dr. Emil Hamilton and General Zod) than anything else in this trailer. I certainly can't bring myself to get excited about YET ANOTHER story that does Supes's origin and childhood. This has been done to death, including in a very recent TV series that lasted for ten years...............

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Arie King
18. Arieh
Love Zack Snyder's work (typo in his name in post). Also like Superman, I've watched everything of Smallville.

Trailer is just awesome. The basic plot is of course how he is trying to figure out what to do with his powers, really love how they have portrayed it from what we have seen so far. I'm guessing he lost the right track during adolescence and then later remembered what his parents had taught him as a kid.

Then a lot of awesome action, would like to see more of that with a bit more time.
Joseph Newton
19. crzydroid
@17: I kind of agree with you on that point. Even before this movie was being made, I wondered if Hollywood could ever kick off a superhero franchise that wasn't an origin story.
Melissa Shumake
20. cherie_2137
i wasn't terribly excited previously, as others have said, because reboots and comic book movies etc, BUT, they'll probably get my money. that was a well done trailer, and the music. if the rest of the movie is as well scored, i'll go for that alone.
Alex Dumpfree
22. alex dumpfree
There are lots of changes of this movie beacuse they dont base the real superman movie and comics, but we dont need to compare the old and the new superman beacause they are all have own impact to all people :) .

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