Dec 11 2012 3:30pm

Hi-Yo Trailer! First Look at The Lone Ranger

It’s the first serious trailer for the new Lone Ranger movie. Does this seem to have speculative elements in it? It just might. (We haven’t been this excited since Green Lantern!) Watch below.

1. Kirshy
When you say that you were excited about Green Lantern, you meant before you saw it, right? Because that movie was craptastic.
2. Vincent Archer
I have a real hard time to place Johnny Deep and "serious" in the same contexte... :)
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
With apologies to Tor.com’s publisher, Fritz Foy, we corrected the title of this post from "Hi-Ho" to “Hi-Yo.” In the weeks and months to come, you can, and should, correct all of your friends and family when they inevitably get it wrong.
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
I’m now being sent youtube clips of the opening theme. I believe this is boss-speak for “You are so in trouble.”
6. Nicholas Winter
It reminds me in a not good way of two films: Jonah Hex and The Wild, Wild West.

Indeed the train scene seems right out of the latter film and the protagonist being possibly dead could be from the first film.

Quick, where's the rotten tomatoes?
Genevieve Williams
7. welltemperedwriter
Me too, Nicolas. Wild Wild West anyway; I never saw Jonah Hex.

I'm...not optimistic. It mostly looks like Yet Another Johnny Depp Vehicle. I like Depp and all, but I'll be skipping this one.
Alan Brown
8. AlanBrown
If you were born when I was, you would know it is "Hi-yo." I loved the Lone Ranger and Tonto before even Captain America. I got lucky when they made Cap into a decent movie. Will I be lucky again this time? After seeing the trailer, I'm still not sure.
9. Flapjackrollercoaster
I guess I'm just disappoint a NA (or even FN like Jay Silverheels) couldn't play Tonto.
10. jandore
Yeah, so Johnny Depp's Tonto pretty much guarantees I won't be watching this film.
Michael M Jones
12. MichaelMJones
I am inspired to comment with a hearty "meh." It just didn't seem to have the heart or spirit the concept deserves. And seriously, they couldn't have worked the classic theme music into the trailer, just to get us excited?

And really. It's Johnny Depp. With a dead bird on his head.

Yeah, not exactly rocking the positive vibes on this one.
13. kambot
So that's a crow on his head, right? And the Lone Ranger came back from the dead? So the Lone Ranger is the first crow??? Is that the idea???

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