Dec 5 2012 11:32am

First Look At Harrison Ford Yelling At Kids On The Set of Ender’s Game!

See that right there? That’s Harrison Ford all decked out as Colonel Graff, preparing to dress down Asa Butterfield’s Ender Wiggin, who’s concerned that his emails to home are being blocked. Click below for the full sweep of the picture from Entertainment Weekly, plus some very interesting notes on the changes made from the book to the film, and more!

It looks as though the main change from the narrative is the compression of the timeline; director and writer Gavin Hood discussed this at length with Orson Scott Card. “The decision was made very early on to compress the time period into about a year, so that we could have the same actor from beginning to end… We were trying to hit that sweet spot right around 12, which Asa fits in very nicely,” Hood said. He pointed out that he didn’t want the audience to have to try and bond with a different actor once Ender got older, which seems like a logical choice to make for a film.

Hood also talked of a relationship between Ford and Butterfield on set. It seems as though our favorite smuggler/archaeologist was close with young Ender, but made sure not to be too friendly. Hood claimed, “He helped Asa by allowing that slight sense of intimidation to be there.” Which sounds awesome to us. Harrison Ford is free to intimidate us any time.

(Info and pictures from Entertainment Weekly.)

Stubby the Rocket went to the Battle School once. Stubby ain’t afraid of no zero-G.

2. runningbull

Guess folks won't go see a film about first and second graders saving the world.
3. kelulya
I did like the books, but could never picture Ender as an actual kid, especially as young as he was in the first book. Having him be twelve all the way through in the movie makes more sense, yet it also kinda changes the entire story. So they get a fifteen year old to play a twelve year old, so that he looks very tall and mature for his age (compared to an actual twelve year old, I mean) and entirely not the original character. But then again, it would have been quite a feat to find a tiny seven-year-old to portray the part. There are some terrific child actors though, who can act at a very young age. Difficult to find, but not impossible. I just hate how casting directors don't even try. Oh well, least they didn't up the character to 15, so they could hire a 24 year old to play him. I think Harry Potter is the only book to screen adaption where they almost entirely got it right.
4. sofrina
@3 - have you seen "looper" 'cause the kid in that movie IS bean. an sharp adult in a cherubic package. i couldn't quite buy into bean until seeing "looper."
5. RobL
Am I the only one who is worried that this story on the big screen will be interpreted as child abuse?
Joseph Newton
7. crzydroid
@3: Part of the reason they made him older--in addition to concerns about acting--could've been because of the content, and especially because of some of the violent acts. That would be my guess. Maybe they can fake some of the fights with computer, but what you see is what you see.

So Harrison Ford's in this?
9. John R. Ellis
"So Harrison Ford's in this?"

Nah, he just likes raging at kids in t-shirts. They eventually had to turn the hose on him just to get him off the set!
Joseph Kingsmill
11. JFKingsmill16
They shoulda went the Avatar route with this movie.
12. Morkeleb
This is one book I wouldn't mind seeing split into 3 movies just so that they could do it right(ish). Ender should be smaller than most. It's part of the whole underdog thing Ender has right from the start...
David Scotton
13. Kaxon
I'm glad they made the kids a little older, because honestly, the premise that these young kids were the best humanity could scrape together to fight for its survival has always been absurd. I wish they had aged them up a little more than they did.
14. Kirth
And just like that you just throw the whole book outside the window, which I supposed you haven't read.
Absurd, you say as absurd as let's say a little boy being a emperor in China or being Dalai Lama ora young man being undefeated and the king of whole Persia at 25.
15. Strange
I agree. I am disappointed that they aged them. Its proven that childrens minds are much more adaptable than a adults. I have owned 6 copies of this book over the past 19 years since I first read it. And having served in the military I have an even deeper appreciation of this book and what it says about humanity. I am very excited for the movie and truly hope they do not destroy the story too much.
16. Kultguru
I won't be seeing it. I don't support the work of actively homophobic authors.
David Scotton
17. Kaxon
@Kirth Someone being selected for a position because of heredity or religious reasons has absolutely nothing to do with being selected because you're the most qualified to command a war. Yes, the former happens in real life, but very, very rarely does it ever happen that the most qualified person for anything is 12 years old. Even at stuff like competitive Starcraft the champions are never younger than 15. The youngest world chess champion ever was Kasparov at age 22.

Yes, children's minds are more adaptable than adults' but it still requires time to gain expertise. From what I remember the battle school had been around for years, so it's unlikely that their best option would have been 12. But even if we accept Ender as a super prodigy who actually was the best they had to offer, it's utterly implausible that an entire team of kids was the best team they could assemble. Whereas if they had been even 15 at the end of the story it would be a lot more believable.
18. Polrena
@ Kaxon: Have you even READ the book? You do understand their young age was the entire point, that they had to do what adults couldn't bring themselves to do...
19. daggum21dog
@Kaxon and everyone else who has commented on Kaxon's post. It looks like he has read the book as he states:

"From what I remember the battle school had been around for years, so it's unlikely that their best option would have been 12."

The funny thing is that they obviously are jealous that they were not picked to be the last hope for human survival because they were told at age 12 that they were not smart enough. Probably more like a "Bonzo" kind of person I'm guessing.
Orayelle Johnson
20. Orayelle
Woo! It's been awhile since I read this. Time for a reread! Also I missed…what's the projected time it comes out?
22. DVC
Reread the book , there are points where everyone seems to be missing, also this team was to be the" last dance "team. They had a 1 way trip to destroy the enemie homeworld or die trying and there is no faster then light travel. so they had to be young to survive to the missions end.

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