Dec 17 2012 12:30pm

Brand New Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness

New Kirk-centric trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness

The new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has arrived and it’s very Captain Kirk-centric! 

Check out the full trailer below the cut.

John Ginsberg-Stevens
1. eruditeogre
Welp, that trailer adds to the possibility that Cumberbatch is Khan. Maybe they're fusing "Space Seed" with Wrath?
Nicholas Winter
2. Nicholas Winter
Sowhat cried out Khan for you? what I see is someone Zkirk might have known that went horribly rogue? And someone who was in the Fleet which would lean against it being Khan.

It is definitely going to be grim.
Carolyn Shuford
3. sockcreature
This trailer makes me even more excited for the movie! Obviously a good heap of action to draw in crowds, but it also looks like there's going to be some great character moments as well.

I am not getting a lot of Khan feelings from the trailer, but maybe they will surprise us
Andrew Janssen
4. AndrewDJ
My current personal theory, which is completely pulled out of thin air is that Cumberbatch's "John Harrison" is a survivor of the Eugenics Wars who wants to find the Botany Bay and bring back Khan & Co.
Nicholas Winter
5. Sternhammer
I was worried that there might not be enough people jumping/falling from great height but this trailer has set my mind at ease.
samuel lightcap
6. lightcap
It's obvious that the baddy is Garth of Izar. No, really.
Byron Bakker
8. byronba
"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Paramount Pictures Corporation"
Liz J
9. Ellisande
This YouTube version appears to have been pulled, but it's up at Apple.
Nicholas Winter
12. wiredog
lightcap @6
Hadn't thought about Garth of Izar. That makes a lot of sense.
Nicholas Winter
13. Silverstairs
Isn't Garth quite a bit older than Kirk? He was in the upper echelon's of starfleet by the time he went bonkers. Anyway, I think the image of the Enterprise doing a big splashdown is about as cool as it can get, and I'm happy to see more spacesuit acrobatics. I'm so happy that my generation is making the movies we always dreamed of when we were kids. Hats off 'X'ers!
Nicholas Winter
14. SueQ
Wooo!! The villian is definately not a nice guy and he's not relying on shear luck. Maybe he is the super-evil twin of Finnegan from TOS 'Shore Leave' episode. Can't wait until May 2013. If theworld really ends tomorrow, I'm going to be so very ticked off.
Charles Hopkins
16. charlesghopkins
What is it with Star Trek and crashing the Enterprise into planets? In this case it looks like San Francisco Bay...?

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