Dec 4 2012 11:50am

Bilbo Baggins Wants to be Left Alone in Latest Hobbit Clip

The latest Hobbit clip reminds us (as if we needed reminding) of the great comic talent of Martin Freeman. Is anyone home? Bilbo claims there’s not! This movies is shaping up to be way funnier than the LOTR trilogy.


The clip was but one of six total that were released, and include Bilbo meeting Gollum, Gandalf at the White Council, and more!


A contract gives Bilbo the willies.


Goblin chase!


Bilbo meets Gollum and it goes about as creepily as one would expect.


Elrond grants Orcrist (and more!) in Rivendell.


Warg fight!

nat ward
1. smonkey
Between this and RDjr in the Sherlock holmes movies a man's dressing gown will be the next big thing.

Well....at least I want one.....
Sorcha O
2. sushisushi
'This video is private'
Is there something you're not telling us, Stubby??
3. Killjoy
Uploader has not made this video available in your country.


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