Dec 6 2012 6:00pm

Bilbo Approves of LEGO Version of Himself

Bilbo Approves of LEGO Version of Himself

We saw this over on The Mary Sue (via The Hobbit on Facebook) and it’s just damn cute. Various cast members from The Hobbit, in costume, holding the LEGO minifig version of themselves! Can Hobbit-related cuteness get any better than this? (That’s a challenge, Internet.) View more pics here.

1. CathyG
Back in the days when the LotR movies came out, I took photos of some of the actors holding their corresponding action figures. Such fun!
Joanne Center
2. thegloop
Stephen Colbert also brought one out when Martin Freeman was on his show. Colbert punnily asked if there was a Lego Legolas, to which Freeman replied in the affirmative, "and if he was only up to here (gestures to torso) he would be a legless Lego Legolas." LMAO

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