Dec 11 2012 5:00pm

Announcing the Party Reborn! A Midnight A Memory of Light NYC Release Event

Announcing a Midnight NYC Release Event for signed copies of A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series!

Good news, NYC area Wheel of Time fans! Tor.com and Tor Books is teaming up with WORD Bookstore to host a midnight release party for A Memory of Light!

The PARTY REBORN will take place on Monday, January 7th at Professor Thom’s in New York City, beginning at 8 PM and counting down until midnight, when the final book of The Wheel of Time finally becomes available for purchase. We’ll be selling copies right at the party, so you can have fun, drink up, then rush home to read A Memory of Light.

But that’s not all!

We will absolutely have signed copies of A Memory of Light on hand for readers to purchase at the party. (While supplies last.) You can also guarantee yourself a signed copy by pre-ordering right now through WORD. To ensure that your pre-ordered book is there, please note “for release party” in the comments field of the pre-order form.

Before the big midnight release, join in the revels and chat about the series with special guest Leigh Butler, she of the (momentarily) completed Wheel of Time Reread!

Admission to the Memory of Light midnight release is FREE, but we ask you to please “Join” the event page on Facebook so we have an idea of how many of you we’ll need books for.


Professor Thom’s
219 2nd Ave
New York, NY
Upstairs ballroom
8 PM - Midnight

There are no beginnings or endings to the Wheel of Time, but this is an ending, so spend it with your fellow Wheel of Time fans. (Then run home to read the new book after midnight.) We’ll see you there!

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Katie Frey
5. TalithaSedai
I'm so excited, I can't contain myself. I was super bummed when I had to move the east coast recently, had to spend the money I saved for a trip to the Utah release party... And now I get to go to this other party?! amg.
Paul Chauvet
6. chauvetp
Was disappointed to hear that there would be no signing in NYC this time. I'm two hours north of the city and trains/busses don't run too well when heading back that late. Will try to make this one though!
Paul Chauvet
7. chauvetp
Admission to the Memory of Light midnight release is FREE, but we ask you to please “Join” the event page on Facebook so we have an idea of how many of you we’ll need books for.
Actually... where is the link to the facebook event page? I can't find it.
Chris Lough
8. TorChris
Sorry about the missing Facebook event link, everyone. You can RSVP here:

Alan Courchene
11. Majicou
@3: Why? Is paper invisible to you? That must be rough.
Liz J
12. Ellisande
I may not be able to get the image of Rand in a disco out of my head when I read AMOL, I BLAME YOU TOR.

13. Ghenjei
DISCO RAND! At bar with blogger-cred! And books for sale at midnight. The circle is complete.
john nerney
14. RexLupus
hey Tor/Stubby,
sitting some med exams in January(Ireland) so wondering how, when or where i could get my hands on signed copy??? otherwise would suggest to my girlfriend that Nyc a good spot for new years plus week or so..

signed by Harriet in lieu
16. cherrymischievous
Would there be a UK launch party?
Rob S
17. RobSS
My daughter just told me we will be there!
18. taverenjay
I just booked my flight from New Orleans, LA and i just preordered AMoL from the bookstore. Everything is set. 2013 is gonna be started WoT style.
19. Ingwall
Anybody cosplaying at the party?
WOT Dragons
20. WOTNoDragons
This party sounds awesome - I wish I could be there. Disco Rand looks pretty cool - especially as he seems to have grown back his left hand! Is this image a giant spoiler for amol?? ;) (Or maybe the AMOL official cover is a gaff - yikes)
21. TrainerMike
How are we guaranteed a signed copy? That link only has the $34.99 straight retail for the hardcover.
Katie Frey
22. TalithaSedai
I placed a pre-order from WORD at their website, and made sure to include a note about it being for the release party. I recieved a direct email from the event manager a day or two later saying my signed copy would be available at midnight at the party. Good enough for me!

@20 WOTNoDragons
The header image for the Party Reborn is a reverse image of the actaul cover art. No gaffe, thankfully!
Paul Chauvet
23. chauvetp
I got the same email that TalithaSedai got. Which I was glad to see since I would have to have to head back home on the train WITHOUT being immersed in aMoL!
24. kabirvmx1700
i hope its def not too late to pre-order am i right... if someone can email me to let me know that'd be great... kabir.ali@us.army.mil

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