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19 Gene Wolfe Books Now Available Again in Ebook

19 Gene Wolfe Books Now Available Again in Ebook

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who began to pine for classic Gene Wolfe stories upon hearing that he will be the recipient of the 2012 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award. Thankfully, Tor Books has just announced that nineteen books formerly out of print (!!!) from his back catalog are now available as ebooks, including Peace, featuring a new afterword by Neil Gaiman.


  • Shadow & Claw (Collecting Shadow of the Torturer and Claw of the Conciliator)

The tale of young Severian, an apprentice in the Guild of Torturers on the world called Urth, exiled for committing the ultimate sin of his profession — showing mercy toward his victim.

  • Sword & Citadel (Collecting Sword of the Lictor and Citadel of the Autarch)

The third volume in Wolfe’s remarkable epic, chronicling the odyssey of the wandering pilgrim called Severian, driven by a powerful and unfathomable destiny, as he carries out a dark mission far from his home.

Severian, formerly a member of the Torturers’ Guild and now Autarch of Urth, travels beyond the boundaries of time and space aboard the Ship of Tzadkiel on a mission to bring the New Sun to his dying planet.

Life on the Whorl, and the struggles and triumphs of Patera Silk to satisfy the demands of the gods, will captivate readers yearning for something new and different in science fiction, for the magic of the future.

The story of a man who falls in love with a goddess from an alternate universe. She flees him, but he pursues her through doorways-interdimensional gateways-to the other place, determined to sacrifice his life, if necessary, for her love. For in her world, to be her mate . . . is to die.

The first volume of Gene Wolfe’s powerful story of Latro, a Roman mercenary who received a head injury that deprived him of his short-term memory. In return it gave him the ability to converse with supernatural creatures, gods and goddesses who invisibly inhabit the ancient landscape.

The second volume of Gene Wolfe’s powerful story of Latro, a Roman mercenary who received a head injury that deprived him of his short-term memory. In return it gave him the ability to converse with supernatural creatures, gods and goddesses who invisibly inhabit the ancient landscape.

Far out from Earth, two sister planets, Saint Anne and Saint Croix, circle each other in an eternal dance. It is said a race of shapeshifters once lived here, only to perish when men came. But one man believes they can still be found, somewhere in the back of the beyond.

In the town of Castleview, Illinois, Tom Howard is murdered at the factory he manages—on the same day that Will E. Shields and his family, newly come to Castleview, arrive with a realtor in tow to see Howard’s house. From an attic window, Shields glimpses the phantom castle that has given the town its name.

They are discussing the house with Sally Howard when the police arrive bearing the dreadful news. Then, driving back to the motel, Shields nearly hits a gigantic horseman in the rain…beginning a series of collisions with the mythological that only Gene Wolfe could tell.

This is a hefty volume of over 30 unforgettable stories in a variety of genres— SF, fantasy, horror, mainstream-many of them offering variations on themes and situations found in folklore and fairy tales, and including two stories, “The Cat” and “The Map,” which are set in the universe of his New Sun novels.

Storeys from the Old Hotel includes many of Gene Wolfe’s most appealing and engaging works, from short-shorts that can be read in single setting to whimsical fantasy and even Sherlock Holmes pastiches. It is a literary feast for anyone interested in the best science fiction has to offer.

This volume brings together two of Wolfe’s most sought-after books, long out of print—Gene Wolfe’s Book of Days and The Castle of the Otter—and adds to them 39 essays collected here for the first time.

“Free Live Free,” said the newspaper ad, and the out-of-work detective Jim Stubb, the occultist Madame Serpentina, the salesman Ozzie Barnes, and the overweight prostitute Candy Garth are brought together to live for a time in Free’s old house, a house scheduled for demolition to make way for a highway.

Free drops mysterious hints of his exile from his homeland, and of the lost key to his return. And so when demolition occurs and Free disappears, the four make a pact to continue the search, which ultimately takes them far beyond their wildest dreams.

he Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories is a book that transcends all genre definitions. The stories within are mined with depth charges, explosions of meaning and illumination that will keep you thinking and feeling long after you have finished reading.

He lives deep in the forest in the time of King Wenceslas, in a village older than record. The young man’s hero-worship of the charming highwayman, Wat, is tempered by growing suspicion of Wat’s cold savagery, and his fear of the sorcerous powers of Mother Cloot is tempered by her kindness. He must decide which of these powers to stand by in the coming battle between Good and Evil that not even his isolated village will be able to avoid.

The box is heavy, locked, and very old.

The only clue to its contents is the name written in gold upon its lid: PANDORA.

Holly Hollander, a bright teenage girl in Illinois, is understandably curious about what’s inside, but when the box is opened, death is unleashed…

…leaving Holly at the center of an intricate mystery that only she can solve.

The melancholy memoir of Alden Dennis Weer, an embittered old man living out his last days in a small midwestern town, the novel reveals a miraculous dimension as the narrative unfolds. For Weer’s imagination has the power to obliterate time and reshape reality, transcending even death itself.

1. Zvi
"Sword & Citadel (Collecting Sword of the Lictor and Citadel of the Autarch)The third volume in Wolfe’s remarkable epic"

The third -- and fourth -- volume!

Pretty great that these are all available as ebooks. Thanks, Tor!
2. James Moar
Don't suppose these will be available in the UK? Guess it seems less likely because SF Gateway is handling at least part of Wolfe's catalogue over here. I'd like to get my hands on Endangered Species, Castle of Days and Pandora.
Terry Bosky
3. tbosky
I definitely need to add 19 more books to my to-read list!
Dave Thompson
4. DKT
Wow. Had no idea the Book of the New Sun had gone out of print. Love that series so much.

Glad to see these are getting released as eBooks. Hope some of 'em make their way to audio soon, too!
5. XenaCatolica
Time to charge up the battery in my Kindle :)
Thanks! I'm one of the folks who pushes the button "tell the publisher you'd like..." on Amazon.

And yes, I did a little squee when I read the headline. My Christmas just got way better.
David Lomax
6. dlomax
So this is awesome. Really great.

You know what would also be great? If you would clear up international availability. The following is my go-to example of publisher foolishness: In Canada, I can get the first and the third books of the short sun, but not the second. It exists in ebook form, but is not available here. I have a hankering to read those books, and even though I have them in hardcover, I'd buy them all over again for Kindle -- but not if I can't get the second.

Can anybody out there fix this one?

EDIT: Got that wrong -- it's the first that isn't available. Point stands.
7. entirelyalive
Can anyone recommend a good starting point for a SF/F fan who never read any of these?

8. MrDalliard
If ever anything could be called long overdue, it's Mr Wolfe's Grand Master award. So deserved is it that several people have remarked that they thought he must have already won it years ago.

It's good to have these back and I look forward to seeing more reissues soon. Nightside the Long Sun (no "of") is the first part of a four-parter, can we please have the other three next?
9. theWallflower
What's the best book I should read if I've never read any Gene Wolfe before?
Dave Thompson
10. DKT
@entirelyalive and theWallflower:

If you don't mind challenging reads, start out with Shadow of the Torturer (which is the first half of Shadow and Claw). It feels like the start to an epic fantasy series, and it is, but it's so layered and thought-provoking, it's really phenomenal, and one of those series I go back to over and over again to discover new bits of awesome.
Theresa DeLucci
11. theresa_delucci
Definitely agree with @DKT. If you've never read Wolfe before, start with Shadow of the Torturer. One of my absolute favorites. Can't wait to re-read it now.
12. James Moar
If you're put off a bit by Shadow of the Torturer being the start of a four-book series, The Fifth Head of Cerberus might be your next best bet. Or one of the short-story collections.
15. Celebith
The Book of the New Sun is incredible and his writing style in that series is just so rich, but Book of the Long Sun seemed a bit more accessible. I'd start with New Sun, but if it seems too dense, try Long Sun and then come back to New Sun. Or don't, since for some reason on the first volume of Long Sun is out, but the complete New Sun is there. And I don't see The Book of the Short Sun on this list either. Maybe later?
Joe Dillingham
16. theblacklaser
When are we going to get the whole Long Sun series?
17. thain1982
This announcement comes mere days after I found a used bookseller on Amazon offering a copy of Devil in a Forest. That was the final novel missing from my Wolfe collection. I still need a few of his short story collections, though.
18. mikethegrouch
About to finish The Urth of the New Sun and would love to read The Book of the Long Sun next... Too bad only the first volume is available.
The Whole of The Book of the Short Sun is availabe so why not the rest of Long Sun? Pretty please..?
19. Josadolfopinto
Ok, so far we have Short Sun volumes #1, #3, and #4. I just can't understand why not to release the second book (Lake of the Long Sun) before the rest of the collection. Where is "Lake"? and why haven't you released it despite its sequels?
20. DanP
I just want to add my voice to the chorus of those singing for the Lake of the Long Sun. Releasing books in the order #1 then #3 then #4 is highly unconventional!
21. GeoffR
Great to see (most of) these available outside the US! Just waiting for Lake of the Long Sun now...
22. EW
no long sun book 2?!?! What's the deal. How you gonna do us like that?
23. KDJ
As others have said-- WHERE IS LAKE OF THE LONG SUN?

Why release the 1st, 3rd and 4th in ebook format and not the second volume of the Long Sun? Ridiculous.
Alexis Wilpert
24. awilpert
Is there any time estimate on when Lake of the Long Sun will be available as ebook?
26. Dave Tokarski
Just adding to the chorus of puzzled frustration about the conspicuous absence of "Lake of the Long Sun", especially since the 3rd and 4th are available. In short, WTF, man?!?!
27. Tony Bittan
Lake of the Long Sun available as an eBook - in French! Still not in English? Can anyone explain this madness?

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