Nov 8 2012 5:00pm

Will Michael Arndt Write Star Wars: Episode VII?

Vulture is reporting screenwriter Michael Arndt is a “leading candidate” to write Star Wars: Episode VII. Arndt has previously written Toy Story 3, the Oscar-winning Little Miss Sunshine and has adapted The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

Arndt is clearly a solid screenwriter who knows how to write memorable characters. Though it’s unconfirmed, it’s certainly interesting. We’ll update you on the story as it develops.

What do you think? Would this be a good choice?

Bethany Pratt
1. LiC
Is he adapting Heir to the Empire?
If yes, then yes.
If no, there goes the EU.
2. sabbx
Great, as long as we get an original story, no reboots! And I'd prefer new characters myself, no new Luke, Leia, Han etc... Let's move on with the New Republic stuff.
3. TheDoctor
All I ask is that whomever writes it makes me care about the characters. It's really that simple.

It's sad that I was actively rooting against Anakin well before the third of the prequels.
Sol Foster
4. colomon
@LiC: I would definitely assume the EU books will have little to no input into the direction of future movies, any more than Splinter of the Mind's Eye determined the direction of the Empire Strikes Back. But then, maybe I'm just still bitter about Boba Fett's prequels backstory having nothing to do with "Last One Standing". ;)
5. Jeff R.
EU fans should consider themselves extremely lucky if the next generation of Solos and Skywalkers use the names from them. Absolutely no reason to expect anything else. Boba Fett will remain dead and digested in the Sarlacc Pit, too obsessed with killing the last Jedi to have considered Solo even to be a threat until it was too late...
Mike Conley
6. NomadUK
Well, he's not George Lucas, so how bad can he be?
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
7. Lisamarie
It is still so completely bizarre to me that this is even happening...
Bethany Pratt
8. LiC
@4 colomon: I agree with that. A lot of the EU is crap (can anyone say Black Fleet Crisis trilogy? The entire Callista trilogy (Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, Planet of Twilight)? the Jedi Academy trilogy?)

But, there is still some good stuff in it - Thrawn. He's a perfect villain, and it's a great setup for post Emperor. You can see the yellow crawl... the Rebels have set up a New Republic and there's peace in the galaxy. Han Solo and Leia Organa are married and expecting. Luke is setting up a New Jedi Order (we could speed that along a bit). But in the Empire's last few systems, there are some rumblings... Thrawn returns!

And Mara Jade, while not appearing in the film canon, is a consistently popular character with a fantastic back story. If Han + Leia are married, then Luke needs a love interest for some romance in the films. She was the Emperor's Hand, which is a great tie-in to the OT.

But of course all this is speculation. We're probably going to be stuck with something about the rebels setting up the NR and still at war with the Empire. Lucas' old scripts for the 3rd trilogy had something to do with that, as I recall... but I read those years ago.
Joseph Newton
9. crzydroid
@8: George hates Mara Jade, so I would be really surprised if he gave the green light for her to be in any of the films.
10. mikers123
Well, I don't think George Lucas is in it for the love of the fans anymore at all anyway, despite how much money we've made him. It'd be nice to see Zahn's books as a basis for the new movies, I just hope Disney doesn't blow it as much as my cynical side says they will...
11. JoBo
JOSS WHEDON!! He's tight with Disney, and would kick some MAJOR ass.
Jeremiah Johnson
12. waden34
I hated Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine, so I can only imagine how awful the next Star Wars will be. At first I was relieved to see Lucas wasn't going to have a hand in it, but this turn has my inner child weeping once again.
I'd been hoping for a movie adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy since the first time I read it. With all of the actors being much older than their characters though, it is not really feasable to do this. And, Lucas himself said that it would be completely new stories.
13. srussell
Personally, I would love to see the franchise fast forward to the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The original characters would be age-appropriate for the actors, and the Yuuzhan Vong IMO are scarier than the Sith or remnants of the Empire ever were.
14. RegCPA5963
I would really like to see Zahn's trilogy as the backdrop for the new movie. However, barring that the Yuzhan Vong and there nonexistence in the force and Hierarchy of Castes would make for an interesting movie if done correctly.
15. Ravenschild
They should do the Cade Skywalker stuff and just bypass everything up til that point. They could cover how much time has passed and whats happened in the scrolling prologue.
16. Buffy:):)
I second Joss Whedon! Nobody could do it better.

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