Nov 29 2012 6:30pm

This Could Be Your Family Christmas Card: Holiday Gifts from

The store on Zazzle is open for the holidays! We’ve got specific merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) plus holiday-themed items. What would the end of the year be without Cthulhu there to promise you naught but madness?

(The crew can personally attest to the swankiness of having a t-shirt with an adorable rocket on it.)

New this year is the Santaman card; featuring the awe-inspiring deathbringing visage of Santa-with-a-sword, illustrated by GregThis Could Be Your Family Christmas Card: Holiday Gifts from Tor.comManchess for last year’s Christmas story “If Dragon’s Mass Eve Be Cold and Clear” by Ken Scholes.

And nothing brings more joy to one’s fearful eyes than a zombie getting exactly what it wants in its stocking.

There are more cards and rocket-themed merchandise in the store, so head over and fill some stockings!


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