Nov 6 2012 11:30am

Official Trailer for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chome & Series Premiere on Friday!

Just like revealing out of nowhere that four major characters are suddenly Cylons, the on-again-off again-Battlestar Galactica prequel—Blood & Chrome—has a new, real trailer and a release date for this Friday, November 9th! What? Where did this come from? The show was apparently not picked up by the SyFy channel, but will premiere on YouTube on Machinima on November 9th. A DVD/Blu-ray release is forthcoming in 2013. 

What do we think? Did we need or want another BSG prequel? Is this considered a direct sequel to Caprica? Will a different Jimmy Hendrix and/or Bob Dylan song feature heavily? (News via Geek Tyrant)

Lee VanDyke
1. Cloric
I posted on their FaceBook page to find out if this will be available to watch on the XBox app. I'll update when/if I get an answer.

Update: They answered that it "should be available" on the Xbox 360 YouTube app, on the Machinima Prime channel.
Liz J
2. Ellisande
Just to clarify, since this announcement implies the whole movie will be on YouTube on Friday, Machinima is showing it in segments of about 10 minutes each. Syfy will then air the complete movie on the network in spring, before the DVD release.
Liz J
3. Ellisande
oh, and you misspelled CHROME in the title. :)

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