Nov 29 2012 2:30pm

Neil Gaiman: American Gods Pilot News, and Neverwhere Has The Best Cast Ever!

The latest news on Neil Gaiman’s American Gods TV show, plus Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Anthony Stewart Head starring in Neverwhere

Two exciting pieces of news from Neil Gaiman: First of all, check out the cast photo above. Who are all these lovely people? Why, they are actors currently recording a Neverwhere Radio Series in England. And they sent Neil Gaiman (you might know about him, he’s the author and stuff) a picture of them partying down.

Yes, you are seeing faces such as Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy and Anthony Head all working together to create a lovely audio rendering of Gaiman’s novel. We’re also informed that Bernard Cribbins (that’s Wilf from Doctor Who) is going to be voicing Old Bailey. The ’Batch is Islington, Head is Mr. Croup, and McAvoy is none other than Richard, our Scottish protagonist. So... who’s playing Hunter? Theories!

We want this radio series. Can we have it now? As an early holiday present?

In other news, Gaiman tweeted last night that he’s started working on the pilot episode for the much anticipated HBO American Gods series—while listening to our very own American Gods Mix Tape! Last month, Gaiman had said that he’d be turning in a new draft of the pilot as soon as he finished his script for Doctor Who, so it seems we’ll have all kinds of Gaiman-inspired awesomeness to look forward to in the next year or so!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby gives everyone coal for the holidays and thinks it’s kind—it’s fuel after all.

Nicholas Winter
1. Nicholas Winter
Though I am looking forward to this theatre of the mind, there is out right now a very nice rearing of Neverwhere by Neil that everyone should really, really hear.
Nicholas Winter
2. franksands
There's also a very good BBC TV adaptation of Neverwhere.
Bethany Pratt
3. LiC
My reaction to the pic -
OH my GOD, is that Anthony Stewart Head?
And yes it was. I've paused my Buffy rewatch and I miss seeing his face.
Robin Hildick
5. zabraxus
Technically, the book was an adaptation of the TV show, although they both came out at around the same time in the UK.
Nicholas Winter
6. Nicholas Winter
I wonder if they're using Neil's preferred text which is substantially longer that the BBC edition or most American editions. I read it when Harper Collins USA put out their rather expensive Authors Preferred Edition and it's quite different.
Alan Brown
7. AlanBrown
This is awesome, I love Gaiman, I love audio dramas, sounds like a 'win-win.'
Although, I also love hearing Gaiman reading his own work. I still remember when my son suggested I come to a reading Gaiman was doing at a WorldCon many years ago, the first time I had ever heard of or been exposed to him, and just sitting there in awe.
Ian Gazzotti
9. Atrus
There's a fuller cast list on Neil Gaiman's blog, including Sophie Okonedo (Liz 10) as Hunter and Cristopher Lee as the Earl.

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