Nov 20 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Ultraman Rides AT-AT in Imperial Rodeo

Imperial Rodeo by artist Franco Brambilla

Over on Geek-Art.net, there's this nice piece of fan art from Franco Brambilla of what appears to be Ultraman riding an AT-AT. Looks like Vader is down there watching, too. We love it, and it seems oddly fitting for the approaching holiday season. (More fun art on Geek-Art.net. What does the rodeo clown of this scenario look like?)

Highlights of your daily offsite include:

  1. Pick your favorite crazy Star Wars rumor.
  2. All about Ender's Game.
  3. The Doctor Who snowmen are coming, they're coming, they're coming.

Star Trek

Star Wars

Doctor Who

  • More promo pics from “The Snowmen.”
  • Here's the full trailer for the new Who Christmas Special titled “The Snowmen.”

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby was once, undignified, and entered willingly into a rocket rodeo. The memories still burn.

1. tudza
Doesn't look like the Ultraman I know.
2. Freelancer
Here we go again. While I believe that Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford suggest a good movie for starters, it's going to be all about the screenwriters and how faithful they are to Card's story. Ender's Game has been waiting to be filmed for a long time. Please, please, do the author justice. It is one of the most tightly written and engaging stories in the SF/F sphere, it could easily be wrecked if they don't juggle all of the relational tensions correctly.
David Thomson
3. ZetaStriker
The Lando link goes to the Chris Pine quote from the Star Trek section.

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