Nov 21 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Team Zissou Takes on The White Whale

Team Zissuo takes on the White WhaleMoby Dick did more than take out Ahab’s leg, he also bit ATE Esteban! We think Steve Zissou and the crew of the Belafonte have a way better chance at stopping this leviathan than the crew of the Pequod. Zissou’s secret? He’s going to use dynamite. Also, he’s not so much of an amatuer as to leave his dog behind. (Art by The Searcher.)

You won’t just like your daily offsite links. Highlights include:

  1. Batman is super-pervy, even while being stabbed. 
  2. The Hobbit trailer to finish the joke.
  3. Whale Balloon. Whale Balloon. Watcha gonna do when it comes for you?

Star Wars

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby uses a giant balloon of itself to confuse its enemies.

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Hedgehog Dan
1. Hedgehog Dan
Boris Strugatsky, co-author of the Hard to be a God with his brother, Arkady Strugatsky, has died on the 19th of November. From one of their novel, Roadside Picnic, Andrei Tarkovsky made the film Stalker.

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