Nov 7 2012 2:30pm

Listen to Radagast the Brown Before You See Him in The Hobbit

Listen to Radagast the Brown Before You See Him in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

A new track from the soundtrack to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has revealed the movie’s orchestral theme for Radagast the Brown. The orchestration is...surprisingly tense! And weird, and maybe just a tiny bit at war with itself, just like the wizard. Take a listen to Howard Shore’s “Radagast the Brown” in the video below.

Paul R.
1. Paul R.
This is amazing.

There is a hint of Shore's old LotR scores, which is wonderful. There's also parts that remind me of Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes and Elfman's Alice in Wonderland. Altogether, magical, new yet familiar, and totally fits with what I expect of the Doctor Radagast.
Lee VanDyke
3. Cloric
It was nice, but I don't think I'd want it playing when I was trying to fall asleep.
Jenny Thrash
4. Sihaya
Well, it's not simply the theme to Radagast - it's the score to what Radagast is doing and what's happening to him in the scene. And that's clearly something interesting. :)
Tom Hill
5. thill2
Is it just me? Or is this blocked in the US?

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