Nov 27 2012 1:45pm

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Justice League’s Batman?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Justice League’s Batman?Though this is very much a rumor, Hit Flix is reporting “sources” claim Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Batman in Warner Bros. upcoming Justice League film. Presumably this will tie in the continuity between his character in The Dark Knight Rises and the new Justice League. This news comes at a time when director Zack Snyder seems to be shying away from making a direct and firm connection between his upcoming Man of Steel movie and Justice League

Does this all seem likely? Could a layperson handle a Batman not named Bruce Wayne?

Adrian J.
1. LightningStorm
Batman not named Bruce Wayne? Only if his name is Terry McGinnis.
Arghya Raihan
2. Umbar

(Though, frankly, I'd be ok with Dick Grayson...)
Latoya Turner
3. BleakKnite
...actually I have to say...Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a PERFECT fit as Terry McGinnis. In fact, the Batman Beyond series would be a very interesting and excellent (in my mind) way to continue on with Batman.

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