Nov 15 2012 6:00pm

James Bond Will Ski on Your Lunch if He Wants

James Bond Will Ski on Your Lunch if He Wants

We saw this one a while ago, but we think it’s time to revisit it. Someone has created lyrics for the famous “James Bond Theme,” and they’re hysterical. His name is James Bond and he likes to get plastered! Warning: the video is a little NSFW and contains some crude humor. (Just like a real James Bond movie.)

Alan Gratz
1. agratz
I laughed so hard at this I cried. I can't see the keyboard. This is beautiful.
Ian Johnson
2. IanPJohnson
That's true– James Bond does get younger as he gets older. Just like the Doctor.

He also uses a lot of high-tech gadgets, like the Doctor.

I'm sure I can think of other similarities between the two of them.
Estara Swanberg
5. Estara
839 is the number he fucked? Wow. I'm thankful I didn't have to count that. Then again I haven't seen a Bond movie since the first Timothy Dalton one ^^. I did like the Connery Bond films.
Scott Silver
6. hihosilver28
@5. Estara
Casino Royale and Skyfall are well worth your time.
Jhon Doh
7. Jhon Doh
I've recently seen that Quantum Of Solace is not well regarded but personally I think the Daniel Craig films are very good. Definitely up to par with the best Bond movies of the 60's. Have not seen Skyfall yet but will this weekend.
Jhon Doh
8. XenaCatolica
what agratz said
Jhon Doh
9. GreatNorthernTroll
Certain numbers will be forever etched into my memory and the collective conciousness of several generations of the western world:
42, from HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy...
11, from This is Spinal Tap...
839 from James Bond is Kind of a Prick !

I can still see the keyboard, but there's a warm, spreading stain across my pants. You Have A FILTHY Mind... I spilled my tea !!!

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