Nov 28 2012 5:45pm

It’s Gettin’ Real: A Memory of Light

The first F&G of A Memory of Light, hot off the press!

Hot off the press, the first F&G’s for A Memory of Light. (F&G means “folded and gathered pages.”) To be clear, the printing is not done; it will literally take weeks worth of press time to do that. (And then there is the binding, packing and shipping.) But before you know it, it’ll be January 8 and the end of one era...and the start of a new one.

Sam Mickel
4. Samadai
So Exciting!!!!!! First time I ever wished for Christmas to just be over already.
Kimani Rogers
5. KiManiak
I'll give you $40 for that copy the person in the picture has in their hand, right now :-)
YouDont NeedToKnow
7. necrosage2005
Is that the full book? Looks smaller than I thought it would be.
jacob sprunger
9. Smuli83
How many pages? Does anyone know?
Bethany Pratt
11. LiC
But before you know it, it’ll be January 8 and the end of one era...and the start of a new one.
Sci-fi/fantasy blogs are not allowed to use this sort of foreshadowing without fulfilling aforesaid foreshadowing within a reasonable amount of time determined by the (# of comments demanding a response / total number of comments) * # of pageviews of the post - # of preorders sold thru independent booksellers in Oregon (then converted to days). So says the internet, so shall it be. All hail the internet.

And a "new era" is not an era without a new WoT book, that's just a cop-out guys.
Samuel Walker
12. lambada

*retreats back to tumblr*
jacob sprunger
13. Ghenjei
How many pages? (hopes that guy has really big hands!)
jacob sprunger
14. Don Sho
This book comes out a day before my bday and Sanderson and Harriet are going to be in a local book store for a signing. Great bday coming up!
jacob sprunger
16. Trainer Mike
Any way someone could get that 'collectible' copy? After the official book release of course. :-}
17. Freelancer
necrosage2005 @7
Is that the full book? Looks smaller than I thought it would be.
It might be a bigger person holding it than you are supposing. I mean, if that's Howie Long sitting there, that's a pretty massive book. Then again, if it's Pee Wee Herman...
jacob sprunger
18. Mark neville
Woooo hooooo 28 years since I first read eye of the world... Well done Brandon ... You rock mate and have done an absolutely terrific job ..
Karan J
19. karanj
1) should be able to work out rough dimensions, since we know what a standard hardcover page size is, right?

2) There's roughly 9-10 stapled 'fold/gather' sections there - anyone know what the standard size is? 200 pages a gather?
Katie Frey
20. TalithaSedai
Well, I dont know how much you want to trust it, but Amazon has 912 pages.
Liz J
21. Ellisande
My fingers keep hitting the screen when I reach for that book. Darn you, Super Grabby Power, why don't you work?
James Hogan
22. Sonofthunder

I really can't believe it's so close. An end of an era, indeed.
John Leinbach
23. JPfanofMat
Any word on the ebook release date?

It would be really cool if they were to release the whole WoT in
one huge ebook (with encyclopedia, New Spring, etc.) (:->



jacob sprunger
24. Darth Touma
Could it be? Could the 22 years of waiting finally be over? It feels bittersweet.. for more than half my life, I have been used to waiting for the next book.. What do I do now?

I suppose I will now be waiting for more of the Stormlight Archive.. Sanderson sho' 'nuff can write..
Matthew Smith
25. Blocksmith1
We need some perspective...could we maybe have a shot with it beside the latest hardcover version of any of the following...

Webster's Unabridge Dictionary
The exteneded version of Stephen King's The Stand.
The Fires of Heaven
The Lord Of Choas
The Path of Daggers
Towers of Midnight
The Gulag Archipelago
War and Peace

And yes...full blown, body shaking, hair on the back of the neck raising anticipation setting in.
jacob sprunger
26. Havnomercy
there are 912 pages
according to

also...OMG..Its getting Closer.. the time for we can get our hands..

cant wait.. :)
Rich Bennett
28. Neuralnet
Wow! Cant wait and desperately trying not to break down and read the spoiler threads. Like others I am surprised how small it looks
Matthew B
30. MatthewB
@5. KiManiak $40? I think you are off by at least a factor of 10 for the market value of that copy - probably more.
jacob sprunger
31. JPfanofMat
By the way, who releases the ebook? Tor?
Fake Name
32. ThePendragon
@18 Wow, you read the book almost 5 years before it came out! Why do you have to wait for this one. I would've figured you'd read it in 2008. ;)
jacob sprunger
33. Nuked
IIRC, Sanderson said it's longer than Gathering Storm/Towers of Midnight.. Something like that at least. so..
jacob sprunger
34. frodo2012
How do I get a copy of the bound , blank , with Title pages?
jacob sprunger
35. slsmn
For comparison of length - Audible has AMOL listed at 41 hours and 55 minutes for the audiobook.

TGS is 33 hours
TOM is 38 hours
and Sanderson's Way of Kings is 45 hours.

Same narrators for all of them, so I would assume that the length is greater than TGS and TOM, and slightly shorter than The Way of Kings.

Really looking forward to this!!
jacob sprunger
Look at the tendon popping out on that guy's left arm in the first picture of him holding up the book.. It takes some real strength to hold it up!

Some comparisons: (figures from Amazon)
TSR hardcover: 704
LOC hardcover: 720
TOM hardcover: 864
AMOL hardcover: 912 (come to papa..)

AMOL comes with a handicapped sign and a wheelchair as an option for the frail.
jacob sprunger
38. robertsiemon
well shadows rising, was 1001 pages, so if AMoL is less then that I'm be disapointed... I just hope that everything is covered. And the story comes full circle. I'd hate for something to be left out. I really want to see the might of the dragon + the Aesedia come down on the blacktower, and rand kills the forsaken there.
jacob sprunger
39. mfred167
I've been waiting for this book for well over a decade! I've re-read the series 4 times - I can't believe it is almost over.
jacob sprunger
40. Stussi
I got excited when I saw this, until I remembered that "Harriet the Greedy" is going to make people who don't want another massive printed book wait until she stops making bonus money off the NYT best sellers list to give them an eBook (even though Sanderson wants a simultaneous release). The 2.99 for the prologue eBook is the last money she's going to see from me, I'll wait until I can take it out from the library and take solace in the fact that the series is finally over and she's done milking it for all its worth.

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