Nov 15 2012 4:00pm

How Many Fandom Badges Can You Earn?

How Many Fandom Badges Can You Earn?

Vulture recently released a set of fandom badges for their list of Top 25 most devoted fanbases. The badges themselves are pretty awesome, and makes us all rightly curious—how many can you collect for your fanaticism?

Also, aren’t they leaving a few out? Or mixing them up? We understand that some of the badges (check them all out here!) are meant for music and other pop culture items, but we’re sure Tumblr is furious over the exclusion of Sherlock and Supernatural. Also, do the fandoms have to be currently super active? Because if we were giving badges for overall music fandom, we’re pretty sure The Beatles should be on there. Also, Colbert has more active fans than The Daily Show? What do you think? Who’s missing?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby is very sad that Vulture didn’t make Stubby a badge.

Robert Thornton
1. rthornton777
I want a "Lit Fan" badge. We don't need no steekin' media tie-ins!
The Goober
2. The Goober
There should totally be a Firefly badge. They could also probably make a killing with video game franchise badges too. Mario, Samus, Link, Halo, COD, FF, etc. I'd love to see more for other book series too.
Ian Johnson
3. IanPJohnson
What? No Firefly badge?

That makes none of the sense. There's no other fandom out there that can claim half the devotion that we Browncoats have to our beloved, gone-too-soon space western extravaganza.

Plus, we do all kinds of charity work and stuff. So, even if we don't have nearly as many fans as Twilight or the Biebz, we should still count for SOMETHING.

(While taking a second look at it, though, I can see that there's a Joss Whedon badge. Even so, there's a critical distinction between the various subsections of Whedon fandom. While I like both Buffy and Firefly, there's an important distinction between Buffy fandom and Browncoats that still exists. They may share a creator, but the fandoms are completely separate entities.)
The Goober
4. Brie
How is there not a Batman badge? (Or any comics badge at all, really.) EPIC fail.
5. Susurrin
That's so cool. How can you choose just 1 though???? It's like choosing which of your children to save from a burning building? Give me a multi-badge!!!
The Goober
6. Brie
Okay, so there is a Neil Gaiman badge with Morpheus on it, and that is a comics badge. But still: No Batman!
8. Susurrin
@JeremyM Totally agree with you. Still there were alot of badges that I could claim from the ones they did have.
The Goober
9. Airelle din Diko
Given the title of the article, I was under the impression that we would have to answer questions about each fandom in order to earn them, rather than just pick which ones I like and download them.

So to answer that question: Give me a few minutes and I can "earn" all of them.

Also, there definitely should be a Wheel of Time badge. *sniffs and smooths her skirts*
10. Susurrin
So long as you aren't tugging your braid or engaging in endless fish metaphors I think you're okay Airelle.
Mordicai Knode
11. mordicai
No Avatar: the Last Airbender & the Legend of Korra?

& obviously, no Firefly? Firefly is...the most fandom of fandom.
Risha Jorgensen
12. RishaBree
True Blood? Real Housewives? Really? Supernatural easily blows past both of those and many of the others, on any of the "devoted", "socially active", and "insane" fan scales.

And even if Sherlock didn't rate too (which is does), the Sherlock Holmes pantheon as a whole easily crushes pretty much everything on the list except for Harry Potter and LotR. Maaaaaybe Twilight.

(And the anime, J-Pop, and K-Pop fans head home to cry into their saki, forgotten yet again.)
Lee VanDyke
13. Cloric
@3 IanPJohnson, I think fans of Star Trek, The Origina Series in particular, would take exception to your statement. I mean, there was the massive letter writing campaign that saved the series from cancellation at the end of season 2. They attempted the same at the end of the third season, to no avail. There have been 11 movies and 5 spin-off series if you count the animated series. The fandom has persisted for over 45 years. I think that counts as dedication.
Adrian J.
14. LightningStorm
The Goober @#2 definitely hit the nail on the head with needing Video Game franchise badges.

I'd wear my Resident Evil badge proudly. I'm such a RE fanboy that I even watched and stayed through the last two TERRIBLE movies. And I mean they were both just about the worst movies I've ever seen. The games are the greatest though, and so are the books written by SD Perry -- we need more of those.

And Brie is also right that there needs to be comic badges. Although it might be kinda hard for Marvel, might just need a "Marvel Comics" generic badge.

Some of the music ones were kinda stupid though. I think they could have grouped those all under a "Glee" badge or something.
Rosemary Smith
15. RoseRedFern
I want a Sherlock badge too. And an XKCD one so I can be a meta-nerd.
The Goober
16. Darth Touma
Iron Maiden.. The band... UP THE IRONS!!!

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