Nov 21 2012 4:00pm

Happy Thanksgiving from!

Happy Thanksgiving from!

The staff is about to pile into Stubby and take off for the Planet of Food and Not Being On The Internet For Once, but we’ll be around!

Check back with us for a gorgeous gallery of book-related art, The Hobbit reread, an update on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, a new original story from Marissa Meyer, and a quick rewatch of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in preparation for The Hobbit! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

(If you find yourself bored, we suggest wandering through the On Our Radar tag for a delirious good time.)

Captain Starlight
1. Captain Starlight
Now how does the song go:
Jack Frost roasting over an open fire,Chestnuts nipping at your nose,
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,
Are all dressed up like Chernobyl refugees ...

Everybody knows a turkey (some more than one),
Will help to make the season bright,

Captain Starlight
2. Brain Knows Better
LOVE the Vulcan turkey. Jealous I didn't think of that for my post. Happy thanksgiving!
Alan Brown
3. AlanBrown
And a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is part of the community, the writers and bloggers and commenters and even the lurkers!

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