Nov 6 2012 1:30pm

First World War Z Footage

The first footage from the World War Z movie

Here's a trailer of a trailer for World War Z! Beset with development and production delays, the long-anticipated adaptation of the popular Max Brooks novel will reveal exclusive footage to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. For now, there's a 34 second snippet featuring zombie war action and Brad Pitt.

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Walker White
1. Walker
If this really is a film about one man saving the world, then this is going to be complete garbage. It was the exact opposite that made this such a compelling book. If I wanted messianic zombie garbage, I would just watch a Resident Evil movie.
Chris Long
2. radynski
No kidding. It's like they missed the point of the book altogether.
treebee72 _
3. treebee72
Only one man can save the world!

F-you Hollywood! F-you! There needs to be an Oscar catagory for Completely Missing the Point. Hopefully this is just standard bs trailer garbage & not what the actual film is going to be like.
David Thomson
4. ZetaStriker
Fast, bad CG zombie domino swarms? The one man save the world theme? Wow, it's like they're trying to make this a bad adaption and a bad zombie movie.
Jack Flynn
5. JackofMidworld
Yeah, I read book (and listened to the audiobook, which is frelling awesome, by the way, with different voices for the different interviews, so very cool, but anyway)....read the book more than once and I'm pretty sure that there were not any FRELLING ZOMBIE TSUNAMIS! Which is all I could think of when I saw them running down the stairs. I mean, seriously, the book was set after-the-fact. And if you're going to do a movie based on the individual interviews, for frell's sake, at least stick with the source material! Slow zombies, crawlers, not runners and for dang sure not a bloody janga game of zombies climbing a wall!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm done now. At least til the next trailer comes out.
Josh Storey
6. Soless
It's very possible the movie has absolutely nothing to do with the book.

HOWEVER, I won't go there based on an Entertainment Tonight teaser. Have you ever watched that show? Sensationalism dosen't even scratch the surface.

Seriously, they'd make Schindler's List sound like a James Bond movie if they thought it would get people to tune in.
Jack Flynn
8. JackofMidworld
Soless, I hope you're right, 'cause that'd make me happy.
9. Guess
Ewww, didn't they learn from I Am Legend that CG zombies (vampires) are stupid!

I was actually hoping that World War Z would bring some seriousness to zombies, guess not.
Shoshana Kessock
10. ShoshanaK
This by far looks like the worst case scenario of a mess waiting to happen. I'm going to stick with my favorite book, thanks.

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