Nov 30 2012 2:30pm

The Eye of the World Sweepstakes!

With all of the awesome hullabaloo going on around here, we know you're curious—what exactly is the Wheel of Time? And we've got the perfect opportunity for you to find out: we have 48 copies of the very first installment, The Eye of the World, and one of them could be yours. Comment in this post and you might win! You've got 48 chances!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) November 30, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET December 4, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Ryan R
1. CorDarei
please sir, may i have another?

Re-Edit: they updated the sweepstakes time. Woo Dec 4!
Michael G.
2. Michael G.
Yes please!
Michael G.
3. grellian
Wow, what a fantastic opportunity!
Michael G.
6. cskroeze
i'm very interested in starting this series!
Michael G.
7. Starlon99
Let the dragon ride again on the winds of time!!
Michael G.
8. ghenjei
Hardcover EoTW? yes please! only one I still have in paper
Michael G.
9. TinyPterosaur
Hecks yeah! Gimme thar book, I want to know me what this here Wheel 'o Time's all about!
Katie Frey
10. TalithaSedai
Would love to win a copy to pass on to a friend! =D

FYI, it's most likely paperback. Look at the official rules:

"4. Prize: One copy of The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan at the Approximate Retail Value of $6.99. "

A hardcover edition would not retail at $6.99.
Michael G.
11. bwhit
Back to the beginning...Waiting for Vicinni
Scott Silver
13. hihosilver28
Hmm, I wonder if it's the soft or hard cover? Either way, I'm in. Assuming that @1 is correct and they made a goof on the time the sweepstakes is open.

@bwhit- Nice, made me laugh.
TW Grace
15. TWGrace
an unwinnable contest...

it is perfect for me.
Michael G.
16. Cralic
Is this Hard Back? I need a hard back :-D
Michael G.
17. Rancho Unicorno
Assuming that Superman can move us back in time, but somehow this comment isn't balefired out of existance (or I suppose I remember to enter it again later, although I suppose it would be different since none of my comment would exist if it wasn't after noon), Winning would always be considered fun.
Michael G.
18. abecker35
I'll take a copy! :)
LT Tortora
19. Lucubratrix
It sounded so cool
I would have liked to win one
But it is too late.
Michael G.
23. Douglas Clements
I've heard so much about this series! My friend thinks it is real life at this point. I wouldn't mind trying it out.
Michael G.
24. Megan b
I have been wondering what all this Wheel Of Time excited was about and I would love to find out!
Michael G.
25. JC1960
Woohoo! Thanks!
Michael G.
26. jackelope
Pick me! Dovie andi se tovya sagain
David Helton
27. davidh219
I've been wanting to try this series out ever since I found out Brandon Sanderson was writing the last one, as he's one of my favorite authors. Yes please!
Michael G.
28. MD Jenkins
I'd love to have one. Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!
Michael G.
29. Dean B.
S'il-vous plait? Merci.
Megan Hungerford
30. marchingbando
Been meaning to get around to this series, now that I know it has a definite end. Also my littlest brother is reading them and I would love to talk with him about them (amongst our many other shared books.)
Michael G.
31. J.R. Murdock
I am so late to the party on this one. I only recently started looking at the series. Wow! I missed the boat. This would be a great time to get started methinks.
corey chapman
33. martianblues
what under the light? This was just posted and the flaming deadline is past! I'm hoping that is a typo and am going to comment to enter anyway. My copy is falling apart too.
Michael G.
34. Jtgibney
phaseology indicating entry into contest
Kenneth Richards
37. Ken04
It is one of the few I don't own. I'll take one if you pick me.
Deana Whitney
39. Braid_Tug
Why not enter. Is this going to be signed? That would be nice.
Rj Susara
40. dmonray
If we close it now, we all win one! :D
Michael G.
41. Krys
Been thinking about reading this. Winning a copy would be a wonderful opportunity to finally do it!
Michael G.
42. jbForte
Ahh the memories of lugging this hulk around with me ... I'll definitely take one!
Michael G.
43. James Marsh
It's a series I've thought of starting several times.
Michael G.
44. bookpimp
me me me I want one *Whine*
Rajesh Vaidya
45. Buddhacat
I'm in but the deadline passed before this was posted?
Lynn McDonald
46. meal6225
Definitely would love this in hardback! Buy a lottery ticket and maybe win 500 million? Never! TOR sweepstakes--always!
Michael G.
48. reportingjosie
Mine fell apart from so many re-reads. Hoping to do the same to one of these.
Michael G.
49. dlynb
Would be awesome of I won!
dustin mcclelland
50. dustin3278
My copy is trashed, would like a fresh copy
Michael G.
51. Ericsalias
Been meaning to start this series... A free book is a great way to begin!
Michael G.
53. sawright
I could always use a new copy. I keep giving mine away.
Michael G.
54. Whirlsea
Best part of the book is when Egwene asks Rand in a neutral voice who Elayne is and then doesn't believe him.
Michael G.
55. TheOldManetherenandtheC
Yes please! This would make the perfect xmas gift for a friend.
Steven Cole
56. scole66
Given all the hoopla, you'd think this was a good series. Count me in.
Jason Wesbrooks
58. jwesbrooks
I've loaned out both of my copies of TEoTW and would like one for myself.
Michael G.
60. Ridahkirkland
Oh yeah hook me up. I would love to re-read this series!!!!!!
Zayne Forehand
61. ShiningArmor
I'd love a copy. I lent mine out and I don't know who has it.
Michael G.
63. dhooton
Pick me! Pick me!
Michael G.
64. The Goober
Victory shall be mine!
Michael G.
67. BFish
No beginning and no end... you'd think RJ was a bit prophetic about how his legacy would live on through his work. Hope I win, this would be an honor.
Michael G.
68. Matt Q
I always wanted to read this book, but never actually started it. How would you concisely describe it to someone who has no idea what it is about?
Michael G.
69. mikers123
I've read mine to tatters, may I have another copy, please?
Andrew Berenson
73. AndrewHB
It is hard to believe that I have been reading this series for over 20 years.

Thanks for reading my musings,
Michael G.
74. Jacob M.
I love handing out copies of EotW and I know who I would give this one too if I win one.
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Joseph James
75. wjames1204
This would be a nice surprise.

If you want, send it over on the Winds of Time. Thanks :)
John Fitzingo
76. Xandar01
My first copy has fallen apart, a new copy would be fantastic!!! :)
Michael G.
77. Matt Mireles
I wanna win!
Michael G.
79. Desmond
Count me in, please!
Michael G.
80. fragrant elephant
Pick me, pick me!

...I lost my copy...
Michael G.
81. nichtbright
yes please!!!! lent my out years ago and never got it back
Tim Novak
82. Spiderbox
Surprising, but I have not read this yet.
Michael G.
83. Baited breath
Sure, I'll play along. Throw my name in the hat...
Michael G.
84. bigbluemug
The Wheel of Time? The Eye of the World? The words themselves stir up mystery and excitement! And that book cover is beautiful.
Michael G.
86. madainn
I've been putting off starting this series for a long time, I suppose the time has finally come.
Andrew C.
89. superhombre
I still haven't read this series, so dear random selector, choose me please. Thank you.
Michael G.
90. thezandyman
Its one of two books I am missing in the series in hardcover AMoL being the other :D
Michael G.
91. m bolton
I would love to win this for my friend , Jim.
Sam Mickel
93. Samadai
I love this book. I need another copy to loan out to friends
Scott Sherris
95. ssherris
Looks like this was posted a bit late, but I'd love to have a copy. Signed??
Jim Johnson
97. wamegojim
this would be awesome for my son to start off with!
Michael G.
98. Ramin
Im actually just finishing a series and was planning to start the WOT series. Cant think of a better way to start than winning the first book!
Michael G.
100. Kimberly B.
I have not read these books yet! Thanks for the great giveaway1
Michael G.
101. TylerP
I remember always seeing my high school chemistry teacher reading these. Count me in.
Michael G.
102. Wachman
Such memories
Dan Totten
103. whereisproctor
Hmm, do I want to get involved with another massive fantasy series? I guess we'll see.
tatiana deCarillion
105. decarillion
I don't know why I never started this series--I have plenty of friends who have read it. Now is as good a time as ever, though :)
Michael G.
106. EternityMage
Oh, I need a copy!
Michael G.
107. BlackAjah
WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! I'd love to be able to give this to a friend to begin the Wheel! Thanks Tor!
Michael G.
108. Michael Massaro
Michael G.
109. DiceRolla
Oh yeah! Cheers Tor :)
Michael G.
110. maddogzx
Would love to be in this, Love RJ & Brandon
Michael G.
111. hurin_the_sniffer
would love to win a physical copy!
Robert Garza
112. FunBob
Read this in 1991...would love a hard copy to read and share ...
113. Susurrin
Since my old copy recently departed this world from extensive use I will hope to win a new one.
Michael G.
120. koseighty
Pick me, please!
122. hzfreelancer
Why is this competition for US only? I don't get why an international company like Tor runs US only competitions. Please expand your competitions for international people like me. We are human too.
Rob Vitaro
123. rvitaro
I love sweepstakes.
I'd probably love them even more if I ever won one.
Kevin Persiko
124. lanistheman
Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.
Vickey Sutton
125. gofortears
Everyone keeps telling me I should read this series, so this would be a great way to start!
Michael G.
126. aland
My ancient paperback is wearing out.
Kevin Hurley
127. Amrior
Really interested in the Wheel of Time series after hearing so much about it for so long. This would be the perfect excuse to dive in.
Michael G.
128. Darth Touma
Yes please
Brad Tune
132. tune428
I would love to have a new copy because the one I have is falling apart. I have read the Eye of the world 15x's and wife has read it a few times as well. Love the book. Definateley a hard back because you can't find them anywhere. But I'l take whatever.
Michael G.
138. Dick S
This may be my chance to finally give Robert Jordan a try.
Michael G.
139. Marcus Wid
May you find water and shade..
Michael G.
140. matkeltri
Would love to win a copy. Thanks for the opportunity!
Michael G.
142. Bookgirl1983
Wow, what an awesome opportunity!
Michael G.
144. Jackierwas
i want one!!!
Michael G.
145. Herb000
I solemnly promise if I win to gift The Eye of the World to a friend and thus bring another soul into the world of the Wheel of Time.
John Lofgren
147. JohnTheLurker
The cover's falling off my copy of tEotW. May I have a new one?
Michael G.
148. Noarden Collindar
I would give the copy to my son so he could start his own Wheel of Time collection.
Michael G.
149. Cford9692
I'd love a copy to get started with this series.
Michael G.
151. BMichaels
Very neat offer. RJ's legacy will always live on through the Wheel!
Michael G.
152. pdarnold
Thank you for the chance to win!
Scott Miles
153. Namdonith
The Eye of the World is a classic! One of the best books I've read.
Orayelle Johnson
154. Orayelle
As I read the books for the first time this summer, I finally gave up on the poor person I was borrowing them from and bought the last few myself…Would love to begin collecting the earlier books!
Janet Hopkins
155. JanDSedai
I keep loaning them out, and people want to keep them! I could use another copy.
Lily Ortiz
156. Lilywrites
Destiny sent me here today. One of 48 sounds good to me.
Ian Hammond
157. hungrym
Not all of us are Ph.D.s, so you're going to have to explain what a "wheel" is before we get into discussing "The Wheel of Time."
Michael G.
158. alaskan
Comment. Do people actually win on these contests?
Michael G.
159. quiptime
Time to start it all over again....
Michael G.
161. Moses
Michael G.
162. blknight18
please I want one. Mine is worn out
Michael G.
163. mnkyhrt
the wheel weaves as the wheel wills...
Bob Smith
164. chiech
Bought it in 1991, would be nice to get a new one after all these years.
Michael G.
166. William Gardner
I've always felt horrible for never reading Wheel of Time, as a fantasy fan, maybe this is what i need to kickstart my laziness.
Robert Crawley
168. Alphaleonis
I've read TEOTW so many times, it fell apart. With some tape, I made it good enough to give away to a coworker last month with the intention of buying a new one. Keeping my fingers crossed that she (coworker) becomes addicted like myself. (Misery loves company - just kidding, best part of my day = my daily fix of TWOT. Well maybe some days 2nd best part.)
Michael G.
169. chromiumman
would love this
Matthew Willson
170. The king of wolves
Free book? I would have figured there would be more comments here. Woolheads :p
Michael G.
171. Adam Mascarenas
Please enter me in the sweepstakes. I have just the idea of who to give this book to for Christmas. In my eyes there is no bettter gift to give my 15 year old cousin then The Eye of the World. He would be in for quite an adventure!
Michael G.
172. Aweguku
Any fantasy fan should read this book.
Michael G.
173. Casey Schlegel
Fantastic book - My favorite series without a doubt. I've gone through two copies of this book (many re-reads) and my current one is in real rough shape. Could totally use a win on this sweepstake!
Marcel xxx
174. lowlandr
would love to win one..

but as usual... only in the States... well, good luck guys!!
Michael Maxwell
175. pike747
@ 30. marchingbando
A Most Excellent reason to start The Wheel of Time!
AMoL is almost here!
kevin syers
176. kevsyers
I wouldn't mind winning this. I borrowed it from a friend and would love to own it myself. Great series
Michael G.
177. TheHyperbolator
Ooo! Ooo! Me!
Michael G.
178. idabomb333
It probably goes without saying that I would like one.
179. Freelancer
After more than a dozen readings, everytime I pick up my paperback copy of The Eye of the World, long since minus the cover, I just expect to have to carefully hold three different groups of pages in place. It is time for a fresh copy. My copy of The Great Hunt, given to me aboard an aircraft carrier, still has the cover intact thanks to Duct Tape.
Michael G.
180. Nic Hales
Consider me entered!
Michael DeMeo
181. Zappo
Yes please, my copy fell apart years ago!
Michael G.
182. RorMart
On my list of reads! Pick me, please
183. lvb2555
I've reread my Eye of the World copy too many times, it's starting to fall apart. What better way is there to have a chance to replace it than this!
Michael G.
185. Terri Cole
Yes, please!
Michael G.
186. tormz
Would love to have a copy to replace my much read one
Juan Avila
187. Cumadrin
I receieved my email stating I won a copy last Wednesday, but didn't check my email until today. There was only 24 hours in which to reply and claim the prize. I suppose I probably won't win a copy, but that is ok. My 'currently' complete WoT collection is sitting maybe 30-36 inches away from me on my shelf. And the copy of EotW is still in nice condition, despite being a used copy I got from my small town general store in '03 or '04. The book itself was a '00 christmas present to someone named 'Erika' judging from the note on the cover page...

To whomever gets my copy of EotW, I hope you enjoy it very much, whether it's your first read or your one hundredth. And I hope you pass it along if it's an extra copy. That's what I was planning to do.

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