Nov 30 2012 4:00pm

Eviction Notice: Occupants May Be Subject to Sudden Eviction

Do be do be do.

An innocent prank starts a chain reaction that could end in the eviction of every living thing from Earth, with no time to grab a space suit.

Aloon Zigilbraxis has to deliver a Glen Fairy to the Zorgons. However, the crop circle he created in New Jersey has just been replicated in Iowa as part of a prank, and the life pod crash lands at the wrong crop circle. In order to save his neck, he offers up Earth as collateral to buy him time to locate the Glen Fairy. Enter Alice Abel. Alice is down on her luck and ready to cash out when a pair of Council Investigators shows up to validate Aloon's claim on Earth. Can Alice, a police chief, and some teenagers save the Earth?

Releasing just in time for Thanksgiving, Robyn Wyrick's Eviction Notice is packed with comic missteps, alien abductions, romantic revival, space battles, invisible lawyers, rednecks with super powers, and lost alien cargo.

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Eviction Notice is available as an eBook by Tantor Media on Amazon.

Cassandra McNeil is the Marketing Project Manager for Tantor Media.

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2. Pangolin
This title was on sale low enough that I just bought it instead of trying the sample first as I usually do. It's now the first ebook I've returned as I found it unreadable.

The plot setup of the crop circle was too unbelievable a coincidence for me to swallow. The alien names were the sort of stereotypically alien sounding names that kids come up with. When the book started waxing poetic about ships giving out random names for ship types and technobable about abilities that had no feel of real science knowledge backing it up, I gave up.

This book was clearly not meant for me.

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