Nov 28 2012 2:00pm

Captain Janeway as a Pirate, a Biker, a Mobster, and More

Captain Janeway fan art collected from around the internet

We’ve blatantly declared very our love for Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager on before, but over the weekend we stumbled onto an old Janeway thread on the Star Trek BBS and found tons of Janeway fan art. Surprisingly, other than Young Kirk/Janeway slash, most of it wasn’t overtly racy! We love Janeway, and we love her even more in all these various other guises. So, pour some black coffee and get ready for Kate Mulgrew’s Janeway like you’ve never seen her before.

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Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby wants to be Captain Janeway when it grows up and never Chakotay.

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
"Whatever show this is, we like it."

No, you probably don't. It's a screencap from the titles to Mrs. Columbo, and nobody liked that show.

And the shot of Janeway in TOS uniform is actually her head stuck on the body of Lt. Watley (Dierdre Imershein) from DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations."
2. Fawe
Erm, how can Young Kirk/Janeway be slash?!
Alan Courchene
3. Majicou
Are the proportions way out of whack on that shop of Janeway with Lt. Watley, or is it just the insane collar on those uniforms?
4. That Neil Guy
I liked Mrs. Columbo. And that is exactly why I was thrilled when I read that she'd been chosen to star in Voyager, lo those many years later...
5. Syllabus
Not to mention the time she was a congresswoman/senator/higlhy-placed government individual and dated Sam Malone on Cheers...
Christopher Bennett
6. ChristopherLBennett
@4: Okay, nobody who liked Columbo liked Mrs. Columbo. Even the makers of the latter series quickly realized that pretending she was Columbo's wife (despite being far too young and otherwise nothing like the character as described) was a horrible idea and hastily retooled the series to remove any hint of a connection, renaming it Kate Loves a Mystery.
7. TheMadLibrarian
Actually, I didn't think 'Tron Janeway', the first thing I flashed on was more along the lines of Honor Harrington.
8. scifisiren
@7: I went right to Honor Harrington, too. Awesome.

I love that is a place where Janeway actually gets some love on the internet.
9. MichaelDauben
I love that is a place where Janeway actually gets some love on the internet.
As a long time Trekker, Voyager was the show I wanted to like. I never had a problem with the female commander and thougth Kate did a great job of portraying a Female Authority Figure without veering into emotional angst or petty displays of pique. My problem was always that for me the cast lacked chemistry. In TOS, TNG, STE and to a lesser extent DS9 I felt the chemistry and cared about the characters. Voyager just never captured my emotional connection.
10. Somm
I love every single one of these.

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