Nov 26 2012 5:44pm

Be a Memory Keeper on the Tour for A Memory of Light

Information on joining the Memory Keepers for the Memory of Light tourInterested in getting a little behind-the-scenes on the signing tour for A Memory of Light? Apply to join the Memory Keepers! Fans will be recruited at each tour stop to help out with the tour and signing events. You can find out more about what is entailed and how to sign up over at Dragonmount.

2. AGrey
"we regret that we cannot choose you again if you were chosen as a Storm Leader or Tower Guard in previous years."

3. Freelancer
Hmm, so, deciding not to go fanboy about previous tours may just pay off...
::tosses a coin, then notices it's a gold Tar Valon mark::
Jeff Schweer
4. JeffS.
Well, I signed up for Seattle. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but if not, I'll still be there 4 or 5 hours ahead of time just in case...

At the very least, we'll get to meet up for an unofficial meeting of the Northwest WOT and Wine Lovers Association.
Alice Arneson
5. Wetlandernw
Jeff - YES! Definitely a meet-up - and it would be SO fun if we could both be Memory Keepers!

Freelancer, I sure hope you score this time.
7. runningbull
but of course now that the link is provided by Tor the Dragonmount site is down...I refuse to read into this that the Pattern is (still) against me
8. theraisama
Hoping to get to go to Seattle. :> /excited!
9. CGlass
looks like the dragonmount site is on the blink- is currently unavailable - anyone else having this issue? I have tried to pull it up from 3 diffrent i-net connections today but it seems to be a "no go". I would like to signup for dayton but as of now it looks like I will have to maintain a holding pattern
Glen V
10. Ways
@ Dragonmount not working comments...
It's working for me at this time. The last question on the application form deserves some thought.

Lexington anyone?
11. Freelancer

Already driven as close to Lexington as I care to get this year, moving my daughter out near the Mighty Muddy. There just aren't any waves in flyover country...

As for that last question, as Harriet won't be coming to San Diego and I've already seen Brandon more than once, yes, it took some creativity...
chris glass
12. distortedglass
Site is indeed back to normal, please disregard my previous post.
Glen V
13. Ways

IIRC, Lexington would be a long drive for you. :-) Save it for J-Con.

Edit - I feel, well, blessed because it's only a couple of hours from me. Plenty of folks in Denver, the Dallas area and the midwest are not so fortunate.

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