Oct 12 2012 2:15pm

What About Rory’s Dad? New Doctor Who Deleted Scene Will Make You Cry Buckets

What about Rory’s dad? New Doctor Who deleted scene reveals the ultimate fate of Rory and Amy and will make you cry buckets.

Just so you know, we're writing this post through a veil of tears on account of this newly revealed deleted sequence from Doctor Who, penned by Chris Chibnall, which takes place right after the last scene of “The Power of Three”... and after the events of “The Angels Take Manhattan.”

In this powerful coda, Rory's dad Brian learns the ultimate fate of Amy and Rory. Complete spoilers for all current Doctor Who episodes.

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Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
This scene was pretty much better than the whole rest of the episode.
I have to wonder why it wasn't done.
3. swordedge
And here I though Amy could not have more children.
4. Capper
Re: 3. swordedge

The narration states that they adopted in 1946.
5. ChuckEye
@sweordedge, watch it again. Rory says that they decided to adopt.
6. herewiss13
I'm so glad they were able to record the voice-over for this. Rory's voice makes the whole scene.
7. AdmiralSirJohn
They could still shoot this scene and insert it into the opening of the Christmas Special...

It would be the perfect opening.
Ursula L
8. Ursula
I really liked the way this was done, with the drawings and voice over. It gave a sense of time and distance that wouldn't have been as powerful if it was filmed in the ordinary way.

Amy and Rory will have no, or almost no, photographs of their family in their new home. No way to print any digital pictures that might be on their phones, no way to keep the phones running once the batteries can no longer be kept charged.

I imagine that Amy and Rory's home was filled with such drawings. After all, drawings are how Amy keeps her memories. She had drawing of her Raggedy Doctor in "The Eleventh Hour" and drawings of Rory in "The Wedding of River Song." Surely their new home will be filled with drawings, of Brian, and her parents, and the Doctor and River and their various friends, lost in the future.
Thomas Jeffries
9. thomstel
Wow that was good. Kudos on the writing, and those who chose to share it!
Bridget McGovern
10. BMcGovern
@shalter: Agreed.

I just got a little teary at my desk. I think I'm freaking out the interns :)
Hanuman Das
11. HanumanDas
If not the Christmas Special, then it had better be on the DVD!
12. Duggy
It clearly isn't a deleted scene from "Angels Take Manhattan".

Steven Moffat wrote Angels, not Chibnall.
Jenny Thrash
13. Sihaya
It answered one question - what about Brian? - but didn't answer another - will he ever be introduced to his granddaughter? The whole Brian plot is so truncated. We barely got to be introduced to this guy we really like. His conflict is introduced at the same time that his story ends. And before the coda was slipped in, that ending wasn't really written.

As it is, though, I like this much better as an ending to the episode. I didn't cry (still); I smiled. It lessened the "They must suffer because we say so!" effect created by the plot, and tied up a rather bereft loose end.
14. Sambo dotdelium
Maybe they decided not to use this because they're planning to use brian in upcoming episodes? Maybe introduce Anthony as well, it would be cool to watch the legacy of the "Ponds" carry on in future series, even if Amy and Rory don't ever make a cameo.
Matt Stoumbaugh
15. LazerWulf
@12 Duggy: But Chibnall did write "The Power of Three", which was filmed after "The Angels Take Manhattan". However, to put this scene in at the end of "Three" would have been a slight (okay, a major) spoiler for "Manhattan", and to put it at the end of "Manhattan" might have caused some legal issues, as "Moffat" didn't write it, and Mark Williams would have had to been paid for a third episode's appearance, and they would have had to cast an Anthony for what would only be a three minute appearance (though even I'll admit that those last reasons are a stretch).

I suspect the real reason that this scene was never shot was simply an issue of time. As I said, "Manhattan" had already been shot, so at this point, they would know that there wasn't enough time left in that episode to include it. Also, it's thematically similar to Amy's Afterward in River's book (aside: so we do know that River gets to see them again, at least, but I wonder if she ever got to meet her brother Antony?), so to have this immediately afterward might have been a bit too much.

I'm glad they released this like this, even though it wasn't actually filmed. Rory's voice-over was a nice touch, and the music just made the scene that much sadder. I hope this is included in the DVD set, even in this form.
16. wolfkin
ehh. seems far far too similar to the opening of Blink. something noone else is really saying for whatever reason. Like I'm the only one who remembers how Kathy Nightingale ended up. It seems rather clear to me THAT is why this wasn't filmed.
17. Yournamehere
That would have been an aweosme scene, really beautiful.
Jenny Thrash
18. Sihaya
#16: A bookend of similar tales would be just fine, I think. Prologue, meet epilogue. The prologue introduces the conflict, the epilogue puts it to bed.
19. Blackrayne17
@wolfkin: that's what I think too. It's exactly like Blink
20. jeff g.
damnit! such a touching scene! i can't imagine this from any of the two 's perspective without really crying hard! like i'm doing right now! I have to keep stopping typing this post to compose myself and clear my eyes. .Think of how his dad is feeling and thinking while reading the letter or rorey while writing it !I think of my dad who i love so much .not ever seeing him again or his feelings about losing his son to time. wow!Makes me want to go out and hug him!Maybe it was good that this never was included .i don't know. Very emotionally powerful scene!Go out and tell you dad if he is still around you love him! Just in case!I have to stop now.

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