Oct 1 2012 4:30pm

Unhallowed Metropolis Sweepstakes!

Perfect for Halloween, we've got two copies of Unhallowed Metropolis (Revised) by Jason Soles and Nicole Vega. This hefty hardcover waiting to weigh down your bookshelves with it's glory. Comment below to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) October 1, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET October 4, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US, and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

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Kristine M.
1. Kristine M.
I would love to have this!
Kristine M.
2. Jane R.
Ooh! Pick me! This looks great - perfect for reading - or giving - on Halloween.
Kristine M.
3. HankBidu
Sooo awesome! I already have a spot on my bookshelf asking for it. After I read it and share it with all my friends of course!
Kristine M.
4. Michael S.
This looks sweet!
Sadie Mason-Smith
5. Sadie_Awesome
I'm going to enter these until I win, dangit. :D
Kristine M.
6. JayHawk
Happy Halloween!
Kristine M.
7. ArielPetra
Would love to have a copy to read!
Kristine M.
9. Carlam
I'd love one...
Kristine M.
10. moonsent
Would love to win this!
Kristine M.
12. jim162065
very cool, are there pciture of the pages?
Kristine M.
14. Hilary
Scary, just in time for Halloween!
Kristine M.
15. terisue1
wow would love to have this!!!
Kristine M.
17. Nichole Anne
This looks exciting!!! Can't wait to read!! Thank you for the chance to win!!
Kristine M.
25. Fauste
I would love to win. :) Good luck to everyone!
Steven Cole
31. scole66
It must be October! Sure looks like a book-for-autumn...
Kristine M.
32. Arithmos
Have always wanted to try this system. Looks awesome.
Paul Weimer
33. PrinceJvstin
Yep, another RPG to flip through and get ideas? Sold!
Kristine M.
34. MrSaturday
Trying my hand at this!
Kristine M.
35. grimrick
Very interesting looking. Would like to add it to my library!
Kristine M.
38. NolanK
Ooh, I like these kinds of books!
Kristine M.
39. LarryB
Wicked laugh Waaaaahaaaaa
Kristine M.
40. Trevor D.
Happy All Hallow's Eve. This would go great in my book case.
Kristine M.
43. Prominent Nonentity
Kristine M.
44. Joe Sylvester
Count me in! Steampunk 4eva!
Kristine M.
45. Maridele McKinneu
I would like to have this.... Pick me.....
Alexie Cruz
46. Alexie
very cool ... wanna thumb through it
Kristine M.
47. Daniel Peckham
Oooh! Horror and steampunk? I'm in!
Kristine M.
48. Jaycen
Sounds like fun!
Kristine M.
49. Bruce Strong
sounds great!
Kristine M.
50. Jack Caine
So wants this >.
Kristine M.
51. Carnival
Kristine M.
52. Rich Ksiazak
OUTSTANDING!!!!! Great idea! : )
Kristine M.
53. Rahj Roberson
I love steampunk and have been thinking of picking this up....winning it would be AWESOME!!!
Kristine M.
54. Jerreth
Count me in!
Kristine M.
55. Sagittaria
To read and to share! Please let me win!
Kristine M.
56. Stu Liming
I really would like a copy!
Kristine M.
57. Trango
This looks awesome.
Kristine M.
58. DJTentchoff
Cool. Horror and Steampunk! Winning it would be great!
Kristine M.
59. Joseph Cowburn
Holy cow! I have a friend who positively RAVES about this game, and I have been meaning to try it out for like, FOREVER! Now a chance to win a copy for free? You guys rock! I'll be sure to share this post as well!
Kristine M.
60. Alex Villagran
This looks epic!
Kristine M.
61. ncarter
Sounds good.
Kristine M.
62. MTH
Oh, I've always wanted that game! Pick me, please!
Kristine M.
63. bbstarr42
Please pick me my daughters and i love steampunk reading and games!!
Kristine M.
64. The Dread Gazebo
Ooh! I've been wanting this game for a long time!
Kristine M.
65. Ian Fiebig
I can confirm Joe C. shared this,
Kristine M.
66. raphaelsmuse
Yes please! Pick meee!!
Kristine M.
67. Josh Schwartz
Sign me up, totally want a copy of the revised rules!
Kristine M.
68. Jeremy Wunders
Zombies, vampires, and may the Empire live forever!
Kristine M.
70. IvoryThorns
I have heard good things about this game. I'd love to have a copy!
Kristine M.
71. j80
This seems really cool!
Jeff Tufano
74. profchaos
Oh yeah! Love them Halloween stories. Count me in....please!
Kristine M.
75. Gemini
Great game! Would love this.
Kristine M.
76. Kate Tucker
ooh ooh! pick me!
Kristine M.
77. Bill Roswold
SWEET!!! Congrats Jason and Nikki !!!
Kristine M.
78. Martha Prestopine
I was eight the last time I won a prize. Wouldn't it be nice...
Kristine M.
79. GreatNorthernTroll
This would be an awesome addition to my growing mountain of books !
Kristine M.
80. Broderick
Would love to share this with my Steampunk group.
Kristine M.
81. matkeltri
This would be a perfect read for Halloween.
Kristine M.
82. scottalynch
Yes, please!
Jason Ellsworth-Aults
85. jaults
Jason Soles is the rules guy for Warmachine, my favorite minis game. I'd love to see what he can do with an RPG...
Kristine M.
87. Dave Milojkovitch
I've heard this was a pretty good game.
Kristine M.
89. Robin D
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!
Kristine M.
91. August E
Unhallow my mailbox with this book! Haunt my bookshelf with steampunk nightmares! In other words: GIMME GIMME GIMME
Kristine M.
92. Kitsap Charles
Count me in, please.
Kristine M.
93. Matt C.
I like everyone else here would love to have a copy of this. But, alas, I never win anything. :(
Kristine M.
94. Ken of Ghastria
Excellent! I've been toying with the idea of picking this game up. (So many choices these days...) Looking forward to it.
Kristine M.
95. Josh McIntyre
I would like to have a copy of this, the original book was pretty sweet.
Kristine M.
96. Mark Brunsdon
Ive heard excellent things about Unhallowed Metropolis!
Kristine M.
97. Tom Kollman
Looks cool! Would love to play it!
Kristine M.
98. jimbobmij
I would love to win this!
Kristine M.
99. samantha aycock
this looks like fun!
Al Clay
101. knavery
I've heard such good things about this!
Kristine M.
102. wreckratz
ooh, would love to win this!
Kristine M.
103. LydianCoda
Very nice! I'm in.
Kristine M.
104. DragonReader
Looks interesting
Kristine M.
105. Draconis Rex
Count me in!
Kristine M.
107. Slowloader
I've heard excellent things about this, would love to have a chance to win one.
Kristine M.
108. Alyss
Looks interesting! :D
Kristine M.
110. Icehawke
Sounds like a good thing.
Kristine M.
111. Jeff Wow
Pick me pick me! My fiance's birthday is Halloween, so it would be a perfect time to run a game!
Kristine M.
112. Sarah Denton
Loving steampunk week great prize
Kristine M.
113. Dan W
I so need to get my hands on a copy of this for my victims......erm....I mean players......
Kristine M.
115. Michael Wiggins
This Would Be AWSOME !!!!
Kristine M.
117. harmonyfb
This looks really interesting!
Kristine M.
119. Barb K
This book looks like a very good read.
Kristine M.
120. Chuckaduck3000
This looks amazing. Would LOVE to have a copy!
Kristine M.
121. Greebo
Have been meaning to add this to my collection, a chance to get it free makes it 8 times as delectable.
Kristine M.
122. Kaiser Huff
This is my group's favorite game. For the last two years, our Hallowe'en Unhallowed Metropolis game has drawn in two additional players who show up just because we're playing that particular game. We could always use another copy of the handbook.
Kristine M.
123. JReynolds
I would love to have this book!
Jason Driscoll
124. khalawarrior
i love this setting! would love to have the book for it
Kristine M.
125. michelle w.
pretty cool book.
marius messy
126. robotfowl
This should have my name written all over it.
Kristine M.
127. Acyn
looks like a great book
Kristine M.
133. Cubeslave
You have my interest.
Kristine M.
135. Jason McGee
Sounds interesting!
Elizabeth Barnett
136. denelian
it's been on my list, so if i win i'll just have to give a copy away - which isn't a bad thing, at all :)
Kristine M.
137. Donna C.
Great Cover!

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