Oct 1 2012 6:00pm

The Faces of All Your Favorite Robots

From artist Daniel Nyari comes this damn near comprehensive poster depicting the faces of some famous robots! (Even Woody Allen from Sleeper is in there!)

Check out the poster here and see if you can name them all WITHOUT consulting the key at the bottom.

ALso, check out the artist's website here.


1. Tiffstitch
But where is Number 5?
3. Viola
Where are Maximilian, Vincent and Bob?
S Cooper
6. SPC
No Twiki either. Although that might be a good thing. Funny, as much as I love Metropolis, I couldn't recognize the robot without the body.
Shelly wb
7. shellywb
Isn't the robot from Lost in Space one of the most famous ever? I love robots but don't know a third of these...
8. Bakajin
It's been a while since I watched 2001, but I thought HAL 9000 was a computer, not a robot? Or does having control over the space station's various processes grant it honorary robot status?
9. TheMadLibrarian
We are missing 3/4 of the crew from MST3000: no Crow, Tom Servo or Gypsy!
10. code-chimp
Wrong Marvin, and technically aren't Cybermen cyborgs instead of robots?
11. bhbz
I can't believe you did not include the robot from Lost In Space! Especially considering the show was originally slated to be show to be a Swiss Family Robinson In Space with the focus being on the family; however, halfway through season 2 the producers made the focus of the show on the adventures of Will Robinson, Dr. Smith & The Robot!!! They also gave the robot the best lines!!!!

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