Oct 1 2012 12:30pm

RockLove Jewelry Sweepstakes!

RockLove Jewelry, Stubby keychain, tentacle keychain

We're kicking off Steampunk Week with one gorgeous sweepstakes — two keychains from RockLove Jewelry! For those of you who prefer the sea, we've got a gorgeous brass tentacle keychain. If space exploration is more your beat, there's a charming brass Stubby the Rocket keychain! Take Stubby everywhere you go! Comment below to enter, but take note of the special instructions!

Also! If you use the coupon code “SteampunkWeek” this week only, you get a 15% discount at RockLove! So if you must have these keychains immediately, they'll cost you a cool $25, rather than $30. Sweet deal. (Note! For those of you heading to New York Comic Con, Rocklove Jewelry will be available at Booth 3010!)

Special Instructions: When commenting in the post, please list which keychain you would prefer, in the event of winning.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, comment on this post beginning at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) October 1, 2012. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET October 4, 2012. Void outside of the 50 US and DC where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

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James Goetsch
1. Jedikalos
Stubby the Rocket! Stubby the Rocket! Please!
Barb in Maryland
2. Barb in Maryland
Oooh,pick me! Pick me!! I would love to have a Stubby the Rocket keychain.
Barb in Maryland
3. FredG
Stubby (tho both are great)
Holly Bird
4. Kestrel
My boat key would look great on the tentacle chain...
Barb in Maryland
7. RLBrown
Stuby the Rocket Please!
Barb in Maryland
8. HankBidu
Stubby! Rule the skies while staying on the ground. Go Stubby go!
Barb in Maryland
10. BumbleBob
What a hard decision to make! I will have to go with my deep sea friend, the tentacle keychain, however!
Barb in Maryland
11. ElizabethR
That awesome tentacle. :D
Barb in Maryland
12. Herb88
I dig the tentacle.
Barb in Maryland
13. jewlz
oh gosh, they both are great!
think i'd have to go with the tentacle!
14. thelastgoodkiss
Oh man, I'd love a Stubby the Rocket keychain! :D
Barb in Maryland
15. LarryB
Stubby the Rocket of course. I will never lose my keys again.
Bobby Berry
16. bvberry
The Stubby the Rocket keychain looks so cool.
Barb in Maryland
17. Robin D
Fly me to the moon...Rocket
Barb in Maryland
19. JaneDrew
Preference for Stubby, but very happy to have either one!
William Dunkel
22. dunkelbo
Stubby the Rocket
The Legendary mascot,
Moonlights as key-chain
Barb in Maryland
24. suz
Stubby the Rocket!
Steven Cole
23. scole66
I'm in for stubby! (The tentacle one tickles my fancy more, but will probably not survive a pocket full of junk.)
Barb in Maryland
26. Max Cage
Those are so awesome! I am going to have to look at the site for my Christmas gift(s) for my wife!

If I win, I would love the tentacle keyring!

(OMG I hate your Captcha! I can't get this stupid comment posted!)
Barb in Maryland
29. betsyross27
Tres chic. Stubby si vous plait.
Barb in Maryland
30. Scott M. S.
Stubby please.
Barb in Maryland
31. Bobzombie
gotta be the tentacle
Barb in Maryland
32. Trournevis
I want the tentacle soooooo bad! Love.
Barb in Maryland
34. Adrea
I love Rock Love Jewelry and I would prefer the sea keychain!
Barb in Maryland
36. Susan schultz
Rock of love jewelry offers timeless treasures.
I would love the tentacle!
Barb in Maryland
38. Carlam
Stubby all the way!
Barb in Maryland
39. DelilahSDawson
The tentacle! The tentacle!
Barb in Maryland
40. Marty Cahill
Stubby, please!
Barb in Maryland
41. Lex Smarmy
Oh man, they are both rad, but I think I'd go with the tentacle!
corey chapman
43. martianblues
Hard choice, but I think I have to go with the tentacle.
Jim Brannick
45. divisionerror
Gotta go wtih the tentacle keychain.

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Barb in Maryland
46. hng23
Tentacle, because the pelvis on my spinal keychain just broke & my keys are adrift in a side pocket. (Think of the homeless keys, won't you?)
Craig Duffield
47. Fansik

Stubby's pretty rockin' too.
Barb in Maryland
48. Beth D.
Ooooo little tentacle friend please! And thanks to Diana for pointing me in this direction!
Lila Fontes
49. lila927
Oooh, what pretty keychains! A tentacle, please.
Mary Buchner
50. HeyMaryHey
Oh I totally want Stubby the rocket! Space is awesome!!!
Barb in Maryland
51. VJ
Stubby the Rocket is just adorable.
Barb in Maryland
54. Mike in VT
I would love to have a Stubby the Rocketship of my very own!
Barb in Maryland
55. dwndrgn
I'd be happy to own either of those lovelies but I think that I'd like Stubby the most.
Tim Novak
56. Spiderbox
The tentacle is just too cool to pass up.
Barb in Maryland
57. moonsent
Would love to win the tentacle keychain.
Barb in Maryland
58. Kurt Haslbauer
I think the tentacle keychain (that's tentacle ... "NT" ...) would set off my keys perfectly!
Pat Hayes
60. SCTechSorceress
If I win I would love to have Stubby the Rocket!
Barb in Maryland
62. ninjapenguin
Tentacle love for me!
Barb in Maryland
63. Darth Touma
Brian of Nazareth wants Stubby
Barb in Maryland
64. Ron M.
I'd prefer Stubby but the tentacle keychain is awesome to!
Barb in Maryland
65. LillianPartain
Brass tentacle for the win! Please oh please oh please pick me!
Barb in Maryland
66. Molly Henderson
Stubby :)
Barb in Maryland
67. madainn
The tentacle please! I will not be repeating that sentence.
Barb in Maryland
68. Heather F.
They're both awesome, but I'll go with the tentacle!
Barb in Maryland
69. tatterdemaliontasche
Tentacle! Please and thank you.
Barb in Maryland
71. Kwhopper88
Stubby, for he is king
and would look good on my keyring
Megan Hungerford
72. marchingbando
I love them both, but I would probably have to go with Stubby the Rocket.
Barb in Maryland
76. pgrim
the tentacle one looks so cool
Barb in Maryland
79. When They Come For Me
Haha! I just ordered a Stubby keychain last week! 2 of them would be even better though..
Barb in Maryland
82. MattDHillman
I would LOVe to win the Stubby the Rocket keychain! Awesome! You guys are the greatest for having giveaways like this, thank you so much.
Barb in Maryland
81. B Brown
Stubby the Rocket!
Barb in Maryland
83. smbass
tentacle please.
Barb in Maryland
84. Prominent Nonentity
tentacle, please
Barb in Maryland
85. Colette
I have wanted that tentacle keychain for ages!
Barb in Maryland
86. Finny
Stubby, please!
Barb in Maryland
87. Niebby
I would love a tentacle!!!
Barb in Maryland
88. Jlesgold
One tentacle to rule them all, one keyring to bind them...
Barb in Maryland
89. TracyBL73
Honestly I'd take either the Stubby or Tentacle!! I love them both - so suprise me!!!
Barb in Maryland
90. Trango
Love them both, but the tentacle reminds me of Cthulu, so tentacle it is.
Barb in Maryland
91. Sagittaria
Stubby because I live in Rocketland!
Barb in Maryland
92. Michael McVeigh
Already own the tentacle so please put me down for the rocket.
Barb in Maryland
93. AletheaBriskin
Oooh, Oooh, Stubby the Rocket!
Barb in Maryland
94. Mel Johnson
Stubby the Rocket keychain
Barb in Maryland
97. ravencolours
stubby the rocket!
Barb in Maryland
98. Havilah
I love the tentacle keychain!
Nathan Sullivan
100. Knmochl
My girlfriend would love that tentacle keychain!
Barb in Maryland
101. Megan Raines
brass tentacle keychain
Barb in Maryland
102. Kimberly B.
Ooh, I would like a tentacle keychain! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Barb in Maryland
103. Katje Sabin
Tentacles... thank you!
N. Swain
104. Jabberwocky
Stubby, but I wouldn't, like, shun the tentacle or anything.
Barb in Maryland
105. Jocelynne
Ah, dear tentacle, how I adore thee.
Barb in Maryland
109. ravenlunatick
I'd love Stubby.

Barb in Maryland
110. Kate Tucker
Barb in Maryland
111. GreatNorthernTroll
I'll have the tentacular cthulu like appendage, if you please :')
Barb in Maryland
112. matkeltri
I like the tentacle. Looks yummy!
Barb in Maryland
113. CeNadra
They are both so fantastic!! RockLove is an amazingly talented jewelry and designer. I think my first pick would be Stubby the Rocket :D
Barb in Maryland
114. Erin G
I love both! I want both!

In the event of winning, I guess I'll take the tentacle.

Barb in Maryland
116. LipstickLacey
I'd love Stubby the Rocket!
Barb in Maryland
117. Ninde
I bought the silver Stubby for myself and the brass keychain for a friend for his birthday. Now I would like another one for one of my staff. It's very, very cool and a piece of SF history :)
Barb in Maryland
118. paigecm
I would love a Stubby the Rocket!
Barb in Maryland
120. Chaco
Definitely stubby!
Barb in Maryland
121. Alyss
I heart the tentacle!!! :D
Barb in Maryland
123. Sarah Denton
Tentacle one, so cool
124. nenssa
The tentacle keychain is quite lovely. I just love the color and design.
Barb in Maryland
126. nolank
Stubby the rocket!
Barb in Maryland
127. Christina B.
The tentacle keychain! I love it! Thanks for the chance!
Barb in Maryland
128. Shari Wright
Would love the gorgeous Brass Tentacle Keychain!
Barb in Maryland
129. GR to the B
I need a keychain...a Stubby one please!
Barb in Maryland
130. Kathy Hanley
I love the gorgeous brass tentacle keychain.
Barb in Maryland
133. harmonyfb
They're both pretty darn awesome. I love the tentacle, but I think Stubby would be less likely to catch on things. (You know what? I'd be happy with either one.)
Barb in Maryland
134. jodi a
Stubby the Rocket
Barb in Maryland
135. Nichole Anne
I'll take Stubby please!!!!
Barb in Maryland
136. Sarah Rice
I love RockLove, so glad her work is on your site! Tentacle :)
Jody Chapman
137. AcroElsa
One can never have too many tentacles in her life! But I am such a huge fan of TOR, I would love to have one of those space ships on my pocket. Glad to see RockLove on Tor. Great Colab!
Blast OFF!
Barb in Maryland
139. Gizmo
Respect the Tentacle! ... ;)
Barb in Maryland
the gorgeous brass tentacle keychain
Barb in Maryland
141. Tsuu
Who doesn't need a tentacle?!
Barb in Maryland
143. Phae Emert
Absolutely love them both, but I'd love to pilot my FIAT to the future with the Stubby the Rocket keychain!
marius messy
144. robotfowl
The rocket keychain needs my keys on it.
Barb in Maryland
145. Acyn
I really like the tentacle - but realistically - Stubby is less likely to poke. I better stick with the rocket.
Barb in Maryland
146. scarlet
tentacular magickness, please!
Barb in Maryland
147. MoonBlu
Nothing says steampunk like tentacles!
Barb in Maryland
148. Katharine
Great key chains! Rocket, please!
Barb in Maryland
152. Donna B.
Stubby the rocket, please!
Elizabeth Barnett
153. denelian
Stubby - i've always wanted my own rocket, ever since i read a certain Heinlein Juvenile...
Barb in Maryland
154. Tiffany Lynn
Tenticle please!
Barb in Maryland
155. Robyn Martinez-Bulacan
The tenticle keychain....luv luv luv!

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