Oct 29 2012 2:26pm

Penguin and Random House Will Merge in Mid-2013

After speculation leaked out late last week that Bertelsmann and Pearson (owners of Random House and Penguin Books, respectively) were in talks regarding a merger of the two big publishing houses, this morning’s news brings confirmation that the merger is indeed going forward.

Publishers Weekly reports on the details of the merger between two of the “Big 6” publishers, including internal statements from both Penguin and Random House. Pending government approval, the new company will be known as Penguin Random House, with the merger taking place in the latter half of 2013.

Penguin Group sci-fi/fantasy and young adult imprints Ace/Roc, Firebird would join its brethren over at Random House, while independently owned DAW Books, publishers of Patrick Rothfuss, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Roger Zelazny, and more, would most likely maintain its distribution deal through Penguin Group.

Christopher Cabanillas
1. restiffbard
I would like to offer, if it's not too late, that Random Penguin would be an awesome name for this new union.
Chris Long
2. radynski
Their lack of imagination in the new name astounds me. Random Penguin and Penguin House both spring immediately to mind and would be lots of fun.
Nicholas Winter
3. Nicholas Winter
I won't be surprised if the majority controlling interest changes the name with time dropping the Penguin part altogether.
Nicholas Winter
5. Abigail@StoryFactory
I agree, Random Penguin would have been a great name.

What I want to know (and have yet to find out) is what effect this is expected to have on readers.

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