Oct 5 2012 2:30pm

My Little Pony Creates a Perfect Music Video About Conventions

My Little Pony Creates a Perfect Music Video About Conventions

If there’s one thing the geek community is good at doing, it’s laughing at ourselves. Not in a mean way, just in understanding, with feelings of camaraderie and warm fuzzies. So when we found this stupendous music video parodying “At The Gala,” populated by My Little Ponies and chock full of lyrics about why we all love conventions, we simply had to share. Revel in your cosplay, questionable content (that’s completely acceptable), and t-shirts of your favorite fanfic OC. It’s genius. Love it with us.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby was up all night in Stubby’s hotel room sewing an IG-88 costume.

James Whitehead
1. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Not a brony by any means but that was too funny.

I'll have to send it along to a friend of mine who's a big convention goer.

Thanks for the laugh.

Alan Brown
2. AlanBrown
Good old conventions. Where old guys can admit they enjoy that Pony show even when their granddaughter is not around!
3. gwern
OK, I'm impressed.
4. CrazyBikerGran
Stunned! Does anyone else feel that it has it's roots in "Once More With Feeling"? I can just see Mr Whedon and the Buffy cast in hysterics around the piano... ;o)
Alan Brown
7. AlanBrown
More pony parody:

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