Oct 22 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: We Have Enough Mana For Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj card in Magic: The GatheringMitt Romney’s “binders full of women” soundbite from the latest presidential debate has generated a lot of images online, and like a game of telephone, it has resulted in the Nicki Minaj Magic: The Gathering card you see here [via Geekosystem], which we adore.

Highlights of your offsite links include:

  1. Pokemons are gonna catch us all!
  2. A young Bradbury chilling with Groucho Marx.
  3. Just how crazy will X-Men:Days of Future Past be? Crazy awesome.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of and is totally ready to hang out with the starships Nicki is always talking about.


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