Oct 24 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: John Barrowman Gets His Butt Signed by Scott Bakula

John Barrowman Gets His Butt Signed by Scott Bakula While William Shatner Looks On

Apparently the massive Star Trek convention in London had a Torchwood interloper! Yes, this is a photograph of John Barrowman having his butt signed by Scott Bakula. For some reason this really makes us wish Enterprise was still on the air and John Barrowman could play a lovable rogue who matches wits with Archer in a Harry Mudd kind of way. For now, we’ll take this. (Photo via Trek Movie)

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1. Tumas-Muscat
As if the 50th Doctor Who Anniversary was not great enough ... now IDW announce that little gem! And more of the TARDIS interior in Series 7! These have definietely made my day!

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