Oct 4 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Daniel Radcliffe Sprouts Horns for Horns

Morning Roundup: Daniel Radcliffe Sprouts Horns for HornsThe Mary Sue said they wouldn’t make a joke about Daniel Radcliffe being horny, but we think we might, but later, when you don’t expect it. Daniel Radcliffe has horns now. Daniel Radcliffe. This picture is from EW and is a promo shot for Radcliffe’s new movie project: Horns in which he plays a horned thing. 

Highlights include:

  1. Find out which sci-fi heavyweights are teaming up.
  2. Space Moby Dick!
  3. A new mini-dino discovered!

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of When Stubby cosplays as Pan, Stubby is hornier than Radcliffe.

Jenny Thrash
1. Sihaya
"Princess Bride" shouldn't bother with a sequel. It is one complete, perfect movie. Goldman wrote another S. Morgenstern tale. He set it in Venice and called it "The Silent Gondoliers." It has nothing to do with Buttercup, and yet it's very Morgensternian. I'm sometimes amazed that it hasn't been adapted yet.
jon meltzer
2. jmeltzer
Daniel Ratcliffe doing Horns. Man, I hope this works.

Horns isn't quite the New Great American Horror Novel, but it was so close, and Joe will write it one or two books from now. He's good.
Jenny Thrash
3. Sihaya
I'll have to read it now, based on a recommendation like that.

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