Oct 18 2012 6:00pm

George Lucas’s Mom Was Yoda? Michael Kupperman’s Talkin’ Bout Star Wars

Michael Kupperman talks Star WarsOver at the Huffington Post comic illustrator and writer Michael Kupperman (Tales to Thrizzle, Mark Twain 1910-2010, the Lemony Snicket series) is talkin’ bout Star Wars on account this year being its 35th anniversary.

Thrill to the long-ago history of the making of the first film in this now gargantuan cultural entity, filled with interesting forgotten tidbits. Did you know that in the original version of the movie everyone smoked and drank onscreen? And that the inspiration for some of the series’ greatest characters were pulled straight from George Lucas’ everyday life?

You’re going to learn so many new things about Star Wars! Some of them Not Safe For Work. How we envy you.

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1. steve547
Check out “The Nature of Life” by Anton Glotser, its very informative and covers lots of interesting topics.

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