Oct 16 2012 2:30pm

First Footage from Evil Dead Remake Revealed

First Footage from Evil Dead Remake Revealed

Sam Raimi's iconic Evil Dead is being rebooted by director Fede Alvarez and will hit theaters in 2013. Here's the first footage from it, straight from the floor of New York Comic Con, where President Bruce Campbell himself gave it his blessing. What do we all think? Ready for a new version of this classic horror flick? 

Original Video

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Peter Tijger
1. Peter-Tijger
An Evil dead remake...

Hmmm....nope, it can never top the original. And yes, I'm 200% in favour of the very first Evil dead, not the 2 "sequels"....the second one was already kind of a remake. And while these 2 "sequels" are hailed as great movies because of the humour/horror combination by most people, I saw it as something less. Very entertaining in their own way. But that first movie....hahaha, that's the one for me, that was real horror, one of the first horrors I ever saw (The beyond was maybe the first). But evil dead was terrifying for a 13 year old back in the day...I loved it!
I want horror, but most filmmakers are a bit confused and think they hear humour I guess, because there's no real horrors out there anymore. There haven't been for years and years now. Only lame rip-offs/remakes and/or humorous movies that wanted to be horror, but failed. Skip the humour...please.

We'll see what this remake brings us. The original is of course very dated, but still the greatest horror ever in my opinion.
2. hagus
Definitely can't top the original, but it certainly doesn't look bad at all.
I guess after your comment, Bakema-NL, what was the last "real horror" made?
Peter Tijger
3. Peter-Tijger
Missed your remark here, sorry.

Tough question...the last real horror made. Hmmm....
Maybe Ju-on...nasty movie.

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