Oct 24 2012 4:10pm

First Actual Trailer for Evil Dead Remake

Watch the first trailer for the upcoming Evil Dead remake

The remake of the classic film is coming! And after the reveal of some creepy footage at New York Comic Con, the actual trailer has arrived! It’s pretty hardcore!

David Thomson
1. ZetaStriker
The extended cut of the tree rape scene makes me pretty sure I'll never want to watch this film. Doesn't hurt that the trailer does nothing to remind me of why I actually enjoyed the original films in the first place. If anything it seems to be taking the worst aspects of the original films and exemplifying them.
Peter Tijger
2. Peter-Tijger
Nine days ago I made a comment about this remake not topping the original. While I still expect it will not, I do have some hope for this remake based on this trailer. I'm kind of interested now, it looks nasty enough. We'll see how this plays out.
nat ward
3. smonkey
And where in that splatter fest is the brilliant hint of humor of the original?

It just looks like "Saw XII, The Woods".
4. glorbes
Good god.

The worst thing about the original was the tree rape scene. And they make sure to include that in this remake, as well as feature it in the trailer.

Agree with the comment about this looking like a Saw sequel...but I guess I'll never know how it all turns out. This trailer did its job and proved this movie is not for me.

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