Oct 11 2012 2:00pm

Creating Life Before the Hourglass Runs Out: The Maker

We’re stunned by this beautiful piece... calling it a short film doesn’t really do it justice. In The Maker, one creature is given a limited amount of time to create a companion and bring them to life, using only one tome as a guide. And while its premise is simple, this little feature has so much to say about creation, creativity, and love. It’s about relationships, no matter how fleeting they might be. And it has a truly inspiring score. Watch below and be mesmerized.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby did, in fact, create its entire crew in much the same manner.

Scott Silver
1. hihosilver28
Fantastic bit of animation there. I immediately went and rewatched the beginning to catch the story-telling loop.
2. StrongDreams
It's very beautiful but also sad in a way that is hard to put into words.
3. mirana
Amanda Spayd's work is really fantastic. Her style is beautiful and perfect for this.
4. hunece
amazing how wierd looking rabbit things can be so beautiful :)

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