Oct 16 2012 4:30pm

Catch Francesca Lia Block on Tour for The Elementals

Catch Francesca Lia Block on Tour for The Elementals

Francesca Lia Block’s new novel, The Elementals, out October 16th from St. Martin’s Press, is an occult bildungsroman about the a lost friend dangerous seduction of grad students. To celebrate its release, Block is going on tour. Check out her schedule below to see if she’s coming to a bookstore near you.

Tuesday, October 16
7:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, October 17
7:30 PM
Mysterious Galaxy
Redondo Beach, CA

Saturday, October 20
1:00 PM
Chevalier’s Books
Los Angeles, CA

Sunday, November 11
4:00 PM
Book Soup
West Hollywood, CA

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Leilani Cantu
1. spanishviolet
The book looks interesting, but does it really count as "going on tour" if all 4 signings take place in the same county?

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