Oct 14 2012 6:37am

Agent Coulson is Actually Alive, Returning in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Show

So after all that speculation about Coulson’s death and fandom’s refusal to actually believe it, here’s word from New York Comic Con – Agent Coulson is in fact (probably) alive and well. Actor Clark Gregg surprised a Marvel television panel to talk about Coulson’s ongoing role in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon when a special mesage came via Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige. It seems that Coulson was always going to be the lead in the S.H.I.E.L.D. television show. We’ve also been promised that Agent Phil won’t be used in flashback or Force-ghost style, so it would appear that he is indeed somehow alive. Speculations?

Seems as though Avengers fans knew it in their hearts way ahead of the pack.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby meant to tell the crew that Coulson was alive ages ago, but was too busy feeding Phil full of pudding following his cyborg resurrection.

Frederic Hugot
1. Priscus
Not to diss, but wow...
A dead Marvel character coming back to life?
Colour me surprised.

Kind of loses the point of quite a few significant deaths, by the way.
Heroism, sacrifice, whatever...
Just take the next resurrection express.
David Lomax
2. dlomax
Three letters. LMD. Not sure whether the new Coulson is one or the old Coulson was one, but come on -- it's SHIELD. You never know if the agent you're talking to is live or Memorex.
Jane Drew
3. Jane Drew
Considering that the only actual word we had in the movie that Coulson was dead was Fury saying that the EMTs had called it-- and that we KNOW Fury isn't exactly the most truthful of gentlemen (witness the "Coulson totally carried these vintage Captain America trading cards in his jacket, where he could conveniently and inspirationally bleed all over them") when he needs to get something done or inspire a group of superheroic types to work together? Yeah, this is not a surprise.
Jane Drew
4. Ryan H
My guess is that the TV sereis is set before the Avengers film, but will pass it, timeline wise, somewhere in the first season.
Jenny Thrash
5. Sihaya
When Whedon resurrects a character (or, in the case of Fred/Illyria, that character's face), he makes sure it hurts plenty. He'll get his pound of flesh from the audience, even if Coulson's just 'comic book dead.'
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
I always knew he was only "mostly dead."
Alex Brown
7. AlexBrown
Chris Meadows
8. Robotech_Master
@3 Hell, Coulson himself told Fury how to play it. "It's okay, they needed something to—"

Really, just by the way the show was structured (no seeing his body in a morgue or anything), Coulson couldn't have been any blatantly less dead if he'd been featured in the end credits stinger scene, hanging out with you-know-who.
Jane Drew
9. Mark Andrew Edwards
What Priscus said.

Heroism requires sacrifice. Look, I loved Coulson. I thought he was the best supporting character since Boba Fett. But he died and his death motivated everyone who knew him.

I'm all in favor of a Shield series with him in the lead but it has to be either alternate continuity or a prequel. Otherwise, you p*** all over what he lived and died for.

My $.02
Jane Drew
10. SAN66
How I would structure it if I were Whedon.

- The series begins before the events that occured in the avengers
- The series follows our heroes headed by Agents Coulson and Hill as homebase support
- The series introduces LMD's and HYDRA that our heroes have to fight
- The end of the first season deals with our heroes undertaking a vital side quest that is critical to the success of the Avengers (I'm not sure how licensing would work but maybe they could include some tertiary film footage)
- Coulson dies aboard the helicarrier coinciding with our heroes completing their mission making the ending bittersweet

This would leave it open for the second season, they could leave Coulson dead, play him off as an LMD, bring him back as an LMD, etc
Jane Drew
11. Will Peppers
Aren't we assuming that the show is in the same timeline as the movies? They may not even coincide. And don't even mention the cartoons.
Jane Drew
12. Jacques Pienaar
Am i the only one that saw something very interesting at the end of Avengers movie??? In the final scene, on the helicarrier, when Maria Hill and Fury talks about the avengers coming back when something happens again, and he says "because we will need them to". Just after that, Hill turns around and walks away from fury down the walkway, away from the observation window, the scene pans out and we see a very familiar looking agent approaching her and handing her a folder with papers. IS THAT COULSON??????
Jane Drew
13. Tim Orr
@AlanBrown: Kudos for that excellent reference to Princess Bride.

From looking at the new trailer, it looks official that Coulson's death was a ruse or perhaps Coulson was resurrected by some previously unknown technology (Reanimations R Us?).
Jane Drew
14. Akari
eep i hope he's alive thanks to the doctors or LMD whatevers idc. i want to see that show so bad & my ship would still have a chance btw m just putting it out there... Rogers/Coulson FTW ^.^

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