Sep 14 2012 6:00pm

Watch the Curiosity Landing in HD

Dedicated Curiosity fan and filmmaker Bard Canning recently pieced together the photographic footage from the rover’s recent descent and stitched together an HD video version of the landing, which he describes as a “labor of love.”

Check it out above and compare it to an early attempt by Daniel Luke Fitch at a landing video below. The difference in clarity between the two is literally striking.

Fitch’s video:

This behind-the-scenes video details how Canning turned the jerky footage into this smooth cinematic experience.

[News via Blastr]

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby wants its senior Rocket Prom turned into an HD video now.

1. politeruin
Sure it's lovely to look at but WHAT IN THE NAME OF CTHULHU possessed him to plaster fake sound effects all over it...
Alison Wilgus
2. AliWilgus
Wow, I hadn't seen this particular video before -- I'm charmed someone took the time to put it together!

Also, you know, now I'm full of of Mars Feels.....

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