Sep 5 2012 12:15pm

Two New Symphony of Science Offerings

While the folks at the Symphony of Science project have been producing music more slowly over the course of 2012, there have been two new tracks with videos that we haven't collected here yet. As the series continues to its fifteenth installment, it circles back to some of the classic themes of the early songs—universal continuity, space, and optimism, to name a few. (And then, there's a song about dinosaurs, for the five year old self that lingers in each of us.)

“We Are Star Dust,” just released, features Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Feynman, among others. Watch it above.

Another 2012 song, featuring Alice Roberts, Bill Nye, and others, was released in March, titled simply “The World of the Dinosaurs.

(Previous posts on the series are collected here.)

Brit Mandelo is a writer, critic, and editor whose primary fields of interest are speculative fiction and queer literature, especially when the two coincide. Also, comics. She can be found on Twitter or her website.

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Luke M
1. lmelior
I wasn't as big a fan of the newer stuff like the dinosaur one, so I like the throwback to the space-related stuff in their earlier videos. Although, I am still bummed that Carl Sagan's wife asked the artist to stop using clips of him in these videos.

NdGT is our generation's Sagan: there is no such thing as too much of either one.

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