Sep 26 2012 10:00am

Read “Eastward the Wind Blew,” the First Chapter of A Memory of Light is pleased to offer “Eastward the Wind Blew,” the first chapter of A Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series.

Read “Eastward the Wind Blew,” Chapter 1 of A Memory of Light.

“Eastward the Wind Blew” contains spoilers for the A Memory of Light prologue, “By Grace and Banners Fallen.” The spoiler and speculation thread for the Prologue itself is here.

Mark Lawrence
5. incurablyGeek
"Invalid Token" (I am registered, obviously, posting this...)
Chris Lough
7. TorChris
For those having trouble with the link, can you let us know what browser (and version of) you're looking at it through, and whether this through your computer or through a mobile device? We'll try and get it sorted for you as quickly as possible. Thanks!
8. gbergevin
Doesn't work in IE (work forces me to use it) or on Android. haaalp.

IE throws object expected errors at lines 44 and 180, android browser just dispays background info and a sharing form.

Error details:

Webpage error details
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E) Timestamp: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 13:19:59 UTC
Message: Object expected Line: 44 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI:
Message: Object expected Line: 180 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI:
Roberto Burtoni
10. MadCardigan
Windows XP (i know i know. but I'm at work!), firefox 15.0.1. Everything on the linked page loads except the chapter and comments.
prathmesh mokashi
11. icelander232
google chrome 20.0.1096.1 m
firefox 15.0.1
through my laptop windows 7
Emily King
12. fishrgreat
Mac OSX, running chrome. Page loads with no chapter, just big old white space.
Irene Gallo
13. Irene
If you are having trouble getting through on mobile, please click on “Full Site” at the bootom of the home page.

(While we sort out the mobile registration.)
Gwen Duhon
14. gwenad
Same as all of the above, except that I am using Google Chrome, and Windows 7. It loads the page from the link, but no chapter at all.
Alan Courchene
15. Majicou
On Firefox 15 (PC), IE 8 (PC), and the Android browser (phone), I get directed to a login/signup page (even when I'm already logged in), and when I log in again, there's a 404 error.
Katherine Page
16. taconista
Internet Explorer 9 on a desktop -- All I get is the title "A Memory of Light, Chapter One: 'Eastward the Wind Blew' and the Tor bits around where the text of the story should be.
Matt Yarbrough
17. wmyarbrough
Lets me log in but reports missing article. One chrome login showed a blank page with no content. Also got 'invalid token' but probably only when I was giving bad login info.
ie 8
chrome 21
win 7 32 bit
Richard Fife
18. R.Fife
IE7 on VISTA didn't work.
Dolphin set to act like a Desktop on my droid (ICS) didn't work.
ICS Droid's Built-in browser set to act as a mobile device did not work.
19. gbergevin
Still no dice on mobile with full site - same issue as in IE. And some of my comments are disappearing.
Mari Ness
20. MariCats
Link doesn't work in Chrome, Windows 7 Home. Everything is loading except the chapter/comments.
S Cooper
21. SPC
Windows XP, IE8, I end up at a mostly blank "Confirmation" page.
Alan Courchene
22. Majicou
Has changed in Firefox and IE to a page with the title and no other content.
25. merentha
Using the latest Firefox on a Windows 7 desktop and the link is not working. The page changes but the main content block is blank.
Roberto Burtoni
27. MadCardigan
Alright, so theory time, which forsaken balefired the post? Imma gonna go with Moghedien. Seems like something she would do.
Kalvin Kingsley
28. KalvinKingsley
Chrome, IE, and Firefox all act the same.

If you aren't logged in when you click the link, logging in tries to redirect you here:

This gives the 404 page.

If you're already logged in when you click the link, you are directed here upon clicking the link:

But it displays only the subject headline and no content.
Dave West
29. Jhirrad
Chrome on Windows 7 404 : Article #67243 not found
Billie Jo Smith
30. Rosered3791
I get the title and a blank white space in firefox.
Richard Fife
32. R.Fife
I think it is more likely stuck behind a dreamspike. We must walk into teh Flatiron building to be able to read it. (anyone remember the old April Fools day joke on Tör.cöm day about the reading stations in the basement?)
Chris Zewe
33. Zewe
Google Chrome 21.0.1180.89m, no good - Tor page loads fine, but where the chapter would be is a blank white abyss. No hint of a redirect or anything in page source or anything, either.
Brian Young
34. trildan
blood and bloody ashes... not working for me *sigh* many browsers, many OSes, many versiond :-(
Martin Doyle
35. AshamanMarty
I get a redirect, but its just random text with bits and pieces of text like the search bar and some tags. Im using IE9 on Windows 7.
Karen Simley
36. Simka
Title and blank white space on iPad. Can't fins a "full site" link. Then it goes to the 404 page.
Stefan Block
38. steblo
I have experienced the exact same problem as KalvinKinglsey (post #29). It acts the same irrespective of whether you use Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. My OS is Windows 7.
Chris Zewe
40. Zewe
So anyway, I'm suspended on Dragonmount.
Theresa Gray
41. Terez27
Mac 10.6.8

Firefox 15.0.1
Chrome 21.0.1180.89
Safari 5.1.7

None work.
Emily King
42. fishrgreat
ooooh, now I get a constant pop up asking for username and password, mine don't work.
herid fan
43. heridfan
no working for me either. tried on firefox 15 and safari in os x.
I get
404 : Article #67243 not found on both.
Jon Fris
44. mehndeke
Using an ancient operating system (xp) with an ancient browser (IE, no less). No dice. I hate my work right now...
Mark Lawrence
45. incurablyGeek
Switched to Firefox 15 on Win 7 and get the same as @42 fishrgreat. My credentials don't appear to work (even though I'm already logged in on
Mike Giroux
48. RMGiroux
I think Irene and her team are going to need a good cup of fortified coffee after this gets sorted out :)

Good luck, web folks!
Alan Courchene
49. Majicou
"Read..." link now leads straight to 404 page on Firefox 15.
Katherine Page
50. taconista
Went from getting a title and blank space to a 404 message. (IE9 on a desktop, Windows 7).
Zack Twigg
52. zackattack
IE gives me a 404 not found and Chrome asks for username and password (mine does not work).

Clearly the Dark One is getting stronger.
Chris Lough
56. TorChris
Hey folks, we did some tinkering. Try the link in the post again and let us know.
Andrea Millhouse
57. Darth_Andrea
I don't understand whats happening to the server. Sometimes it's giving me a 404 error and some times its giving me a gray log in box that rejects my user name and password. ... I think the .php files might be corrupt either that or they began advertising this before the page was ready and the servers were slammed so hard that they can't get it working.
Vibhav Kalaparthy
58. ChaosBlue
I just got it! Using Vista and Chrome...
Charles Moore
59. Shadeofpoe
Hey Guys, I got it to work. If you are already a registered member, make sure and log in before clicking on the link. It seems that the problem is only if you need to register or if you try to register on the link page.

So, Log in on the upper right corner of this page, then click through the link.

Edit: Or it may just be fixed now and I'm a bit of a dodo...
brock w
60. Nuk3d
Was about to just post what I'm using and the errors, and it started working. yay.
Rob Munnelly
63. RobMRobM
Not working for me on IE. Got a authentication box - I put in my corrent user name and password and it didn't work.
Rob Munnelly
66. RobMRobM
Got in - the full chapter opened as a new webpage. Very good chapter.
Ted Herman
67. WinespringBrother
MOA! New Prophecy translations :D, Team Unity, "Go jump in the Winespring Water!"
68. Waxer
It worked the first time, not like when I tried for the preview.
Great chapter Am glad to hear that Nia. healed Talmanes .
Would have missed him.

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