Sep 3 2012 12:46am

Neil Gaiman Writing Another Doctor Who Episode?

On Sunday night, Neil Gaiman took home the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, and in his acceptance speech he let a little something slip...

“Having written an episode that everybody loves, it would be the act of a fool or a mad man to try and do it again... so I’m on the third draft right now.”

If he wasn’t just pulling our collective leg, and given the current production schedule of the show, it seems like we should expect another Neil Gaiman Doctor Who episode in the spring!

Here’s some sweet, sweet video proof (at 2:50):

visalus ambassador
1. visalus ambassador
Best of luck to Neil Gaiman..... we all are fool and mad.
Dave Bell
2. DaveBell
Spring does feel a little early. It's a season split into two parts, this year and after Christmas, and next year we have the 50th Anniverary Season.

OK, it could go either way. Previously, the filming has been Autumn/Winter for showing Spring/Summer, so I'd expect something to have been written by now for the second half of this season.
Mordicai Knode
3. mordicai
Given the stunt he was able to pull off in "The Doctor's Wife," I'm really curious to see what he pulls out of his hat next. I really think that Gaiman's scripting-- comics or television-- is his best work.
Chris Lough
4. TorChris
@2. I agree. The timing is weird. It feels too late for a script to still be at that stage for the seventh season, but too early for an eighth season, since the 50th anniversary will probably push an eighth season back a little. So maybe default slot is second to last episode of season seven? To air a year from now?
Alan Brown
5. AlanBrown
I certainly think that the 50th anniversary would be an appropriate moment to have Neil Gaiman script an episode. Can you think of better hands in which to leave the Doctor for this big event?
visalus ambassador
6. sean wilkinson
I am asuming season 8 will be starting during the 50th Annivers season, as far as 7.5 from what I heard will me march-april for the last half of season 7 with 8 episodes running to beginning of june. then we may see A summer or fall 50th Special, followed by season 8 maybe after christmas special maybe?
visalus ambassador
7. CR
I ran into him in NY and invited him to go have a pint somewhere (since he's clearly on the list of people you'd want to go have a drink with) and he said that he had to go home to work on his Dr Who script and that they wouldn't let him have any fun until it was done. By the tone, it sounded like he was working on a tight deadline at that point.

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