Sep 7 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: What Would You Want From 30 More Minutes of Batman?

Just released from Entertainment Weekly: Bilbo! Running! (Probably from Bane.) Sometimes when we see these pictures of Martin Freeman as Bilbo, it's hard to believe we're not living in a dream. (We saw this over on Den of Geek.)

Your daily offsite link collection is wearing shoes, though.

Highlights include:

  1. This is the droid Tony Stark is looking for.
  2. An even longer Dark Knight Rises?
  3. The future of Daniel Craig.

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Brian Mac
1. Brian Mac
In the X-Men/Star Wars mashup, Nightcrawler is Luke, because Mystique is Vader, and Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother. Mystique is also Rogue's adoptive mother, which is why Rogue is cast as Leia, as opposed to, say, Storm, who would probably be more accustomed to wearing an outfit like that one. (Although putting Rogue in Leia's original whites, or her Endor fatigues, would have been equally effective, I think.) Which also explains Gambit as Han. Casting Destiny as Palpatine adds an extra layer of weird to the whole thing, and I'm trying not to think about who Padme would have to be in that scenario. Anyway, the artist clearly knows his X-Men history, and didn't just pick random characters for the mash-up.
James Goetsch
2. Jedikalos
Ah, Stubby, now I too so want that thrilling music sequence of Bane dancing through a devastated Gotham City. Now the original movie is dead to me without it.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
3. Lisamarie
That is very interesting about the X-Men/Star Wars connection. I just thought it was funny because Luke is my favorite character in Star Wars, and Nightcrawler is my favorite mutant (although I've really only seen the movies and some of the cartoon series)...although I really liked cartoon-version of Gambit too (the Wolverine movie version, not as much).

Although, Rogue probably shouldn't be showing so much skin (due to her powers) ;)
Brian Mac
4. sofrina
how 'bout they explain how 3000 cops lasted underground for what four months? are uniforms that durable? where was the heat coming from? how were the needs of the lady cops handled? how many committed suicide? turned on one another? died of chronic diseases that need regular treatment? i really enjoyed the movie, but one wonders...

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