Sep 12 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Mark Hamill Wants You to Know You Have His Undivided Attention

Caption this picture of Mark Hamill pointing at you, only you. Here, we’ll start.

Only you can prevent random fires in the Lars Homestead! Or, Tusken Raiders don’t kill people, my dad does! Or, your friend is quite a mercenary, but I care! Now add your own caption. [Mark Hamill picture via Retro Star Wars on Facebook]

Highlights of your morning roundup links include:

  1. Latest from the set of Thor: The Dark World.
  2. How Jupiter saved us all
  3. “Spock’s Brain” in 4 minutes.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby the Rocket still has Spock’s brain in a jar.

1. Emeraldcite
Flannel. It's the only choice for Tatooine winters. Just kidding. Tatooine doesn't have winters.
2. Steve Glachan
"You saw it, she kissed me. I told you I was in."
3. Steve Glachan
"Don't make me Force you. I will."
4. Carrie80
OT, but I haven't noticed any mention of the steampunk theme at the Paralympic closing ceremony yet. I don't know if it was broadcast in the US, but there are some photos here:
Angela Korra'ti
5. annathepiper
Sorry, I can't watch Spock's Brain even in condensed form, not unless there's vodka involved!

Also, I'm pretty sure Mark Hamill is telling me I'd much rather be watching The Empire Strikes Back. He would be correct.
F Shelley
6. FSS
I don't always drink, but when I do, it's that blue stuff from Aunt Beru's tupperware containers.
7. Rancho Unicorno
Totally unrelated to this Morning Roundup, but still related to Tor and is this lovely bit of analysis indicating that abandoning the agency model is working out rather well for consumers. Coupled with DRM-free, I don't see why MacMillan is still holding out on returning to the traditional wholesale/retail model. Okay, there is greed. But that's about it. (thanks arstechnica)
8. WOL
"A crack team of fifth graders has been dispatched to think of a better title."
Zing! Ouch!

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