Sep 27 2012 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Harry Potter and the Goblet of PARTY

Imagine you’re throwing a house party because your football (soccer) team has just won a major title. Then you see Daniel Radcliffe wandering around alone at 4:00 AM. What do you do? You ask him to party with you and for some reason he accepts!

According to BuzzFeed this is exactly what just happened. Now we just need some kind of Daniel Radcliffe is a Bro meme. (More pics of Radcliffe’s bro-down here.)

Highlights of your other offsite links include:

  1. Who will direct Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?
  2. Find out which Hobbit actor doesn’t like Tolkien.
  3. J.K. Rowling’s “director’s cuts” of Harry Potter books.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby once partied with Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter, and Colin Creevey in a weird pocket universe.

1. Clawmaster
Gaelic Football is a different sport than soccer. Tsk tsk.
Liz Bourke
2. hawkwing-lb
Yep. A much different sport. Not to mention that until quite recently, if you played the "English game," you weren't allowed to compete in the Gaelic one. The GAA wouldn't have it.
Sorcha O
3. sushisushi
Also, technically, they won a minor title, not a major one, because these were lads from the Dublin Under-21 team, not Donegal, who won the senior title on Sunday.
6. rexlupus
Not under 21..they were 16/17/18 years of age. Minor is under 18. but it is a major title.
7. Patrick M.
God alone knows what the picture would be like if it were a hurling win.

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