Sep 12 2012 1:30pm

Independence Day Sequel Titles Announced, Are Hilarious

Welcome to Earth! Roland Emmerich has revealed that the two sequels to everyone’s favorite alien invasion filmIndependence Day—have titles! According to Bleeding Cool the two sequels will be called ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two. No word yet if Val Kilmer will be reprising his role as Batman.

Here’s hoping the entire original cast returns, including Brent Spiner.

Shawn Cooke
1. Shawn Cooke
I'm looking forward to the inevitable releases of "4 ID 4 Furious," "Independence Die Another Day," and "No Admittance Without ID."
Thomas Jeffries
3. thomstel
"Id.", Latin, short for idem, "the same"
I suspect that's exactly what we'll get.

Although, now that I think about it, I could watch Jayne Cobb shoot more aliens while Jeff Goldblum tosses one-liners in from a wheelchair offscreen. Hyurk, never mind.
F Shelley
4. FSS
I believe in the next one, Will Smith goes to Dagobah and gets his hand cut off by Uncle Phil, and President Lone Star gets frozen in carbonite...
Chin Bawambi
5. bawambi
I gotta disagree with the premise. This is the only movie I almost walked out of and I've sat through some brutal movies. Worst big budget movie ever made in my opinion. Unwatchable even in a MST3000 train wreck kinda way.
Shawn Cooke
6. minniepearlshat
Listen to Bawambi. Independence Day is an abominable film.
Joseph Newton
7. crzydroid
I would love to see Brent Spiner in it...but didn't his character die?
Shawn Cooke
8. a1ay
I'd much rather have seen the sequel than the actual film. That could be a really interesting story - I can think of at least four promising plotlines.
1) The, say, 50 largest cities in the world has just had its heart burned out; how are the survivors going to handle that? Especially since that includes most of the machinery of government? And how will this affect the balance of power, given that everywhere outside those cities hasn't been affected at all? Maybe South Korea was much richer than the north; but how is it doing minus Seoul? The North might be completely untouched!
2) And suddenly everyone's got their hands on alien antigravity and weapons technology! And who knows what else is in those crashed ships?
3) And apparently the US knew about this since 1947? What the hell were they playing at, asks the entire rest of the planet?
4) Meanwhile, in the Kuiper belt, the commander of the main alien migration fleet is wondering why his scout ship has suddenly gone quiet...
Christopher Hatton
9. Xopher
I thought they'd be called Ego and Superego.

I thought the original could have been made in 1955 except for the special effects and Will Smith, who couldn't have starred in a mainstream movie in 1955 even if he'd been alive then. Smith and Spiner were the only good things about that movie. It was basically a 50s Invaders from Mars movie. High-budget trash.
Shawn Cooke
10. jms1969
I'm not getting the hate for this movie that some are showing in this thread. I thought the first movie was pretty good - while it wasn't anything earth-shattering (pun intended) and was a bit cliched, it certainly looked good and had a decent enough plot and interesting enough characters/actors to keep my interest.
Shelly wb
11. shellywb
Wow, so much hate for this film. I really enjoyed it for what it was, a popcorn Sci-fi movie. Yeah, a lot of things were implausible and overly melodramatic, but it was a fun rollercoaster ride for a Saturday afternoon, and I was highly entertained.
Christopher Hatton
12. Xopher
Well, for some of us predictability is intrinsically bad. For example, when Will's buddy is talking about what he's going to do when it's all over ("gonna marry my girl and buy a little farm in Wisconsin" isn't a quote, but...), I leaned over and said to my friend, "In the next scene, his buddy will get killed." And of course in the next scene his buddy bought the farm.*

No, I didn't know anything in advance. It was just that predictable.

And getting really easy science wrong is OK in a spy thriller...I guess. But in an alleged science fiction movie, people are going to notice that gee, a virus from an Apple probably isn't going to have much effect on an alien computer system.

The plot was stupid and obvious; the writing was stupid and obvious ("Exciting?! People are dying!"); the characters were stupid and obvious (yeah, the President of the United States goes all Harrison Ford and proves he's a man after all); and the acting (except for Will Smith, who is a god, and Brent Spiner, who can't do much wrong either) was stupid and obvious.

Really cool ships and snazzy aliens weren't enough for me. Bad, bad movie.

*This is not a pun. That's in fact how 'buy the farm' came to mean "die"--from that same scene happening in every goddam war movie made in the 1940s and 50s.
Shawn Cooke
13. Phoghat
"Here’s hoping the entire original cast returns, including Brent Spiner."
And how could that happen?
As an alien/zombie? He died in the first ID4
Joseph Newton
14. crzydroid
@12, Xopher: Except that a lot of people don't start thinking about problems with computers integrating like that until now. Sure, enough people back then knew enough about computers to catch things like that, but a lot of older movies revolve around people not having any kind of clue at all how computers work. And I think for a lot of audience members, especially in the past, that generally worked out. So I think in 1994, there were enough people buying that they could write a virus for the alien computer system (which they presumably deciphered from the scout ship) and be able to transfer it with a Mac.

Superman III is sort of ridiculous in that the entire plot revolves around computers, but if you watch it, you'll not be able to help spotting that that's not how computers work at all.

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