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Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!

Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!

Today is the joint birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins! We love those adventuring hobbits, doing all those things that hobbits aren't supposed to do. In fact, now that we think of it, Frodo and Bilbo share quite a few attributes, some of which are very hobbit-like and some of which are not. The fondness for pipeweed displayed above is decidedly hobbit-ish. Below you'll find a few more striking similarities....

They both prefer a good walking stick on a trek through the Shire and anywhere else the road may lead them...


They both seem to get a little drunk at parties, though Bilbo prefers to give speeches and Frodo likes a good dance.


And they both have the very un-hobbity distinction of being great with glowing, magical swords.


More oddly, they both seem to really enjoy making tea for their old friend, Gandalf. (Well, we'd make Gandalf tea, too.)


What else do Bilbo and his nephew have in common? (Besides being integral to saving all of Middle-earth?) And could this have anything to do with why we love them so much? Discuss!

And happy birthday, Bagginses!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby the Rocket would like to invite the Bagginses to Stubby's 111th birthday party.

April Moore
1. aprildmoore
Well, they are both fairly snappy dressers, don't you think? I mean, look at those brocade vests!
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
2. Lisamarie
Wasn't that partially why Bilbo adopted Frodo in the first place? They both had that 'Tookish' streak.

They were both pretty content in their bachelorhood, which seems a little unusual compared to most Hobbits. Given Tolkien's Catholic heritage, which greatly values family life (among other vocations) this could be a reflection of their special calling to help Middle Earth.
lake sidey
3. lakesidey
@Lisamarie: "They both had that 'Tookish' streak"....don't you mean to say Frodo took after him?

4. RobinM
Something was here since the world first began, Yet is never more than a month old. What am I?
Happy Hobbit Day Everyone!
5. ClintACK
RobinM- You are the Moon!

Absolutely loved the riddle game in the Hobbit when I was a kid. With so much of modern fantasy deriving from Tolkein, it's surprising we haven't seen more riddle games...
6. Dr. Thanatos
The legal battle continues.

re: Smeagol vs Bagginses

Gothmog, Gothmog, Shelob, Angmar, and Gothmog, A Personal Injury Firm (injuring persons since the First Age) on behalf of their clients Smeagol, have asked the mediation firm of Manwe, Nienna, Ulmo, and Mandos to get involved in the ongoing dispute between these parties. Baggins et al (Bagginses?) continue to refuse to return the missing property to Smeagol or to consider meaningful restitution to them.

Defendant Bilbo Baggins now faces morals charges involving his allegedly (by his own account) "winning" plaintiff Smeagol's property in a game of "What Have I Got in my Pocket?" His case has, as is well known, not been helped by his having given varying stories as to how he came into posession of the property of the plaintiffs, or by all demands for return of said property being met by insults, abuse, and threats to "cast you into the Fire."

As is also well documented, on this very day defendants lavish expensive gifts on any and all regardless of the nature of their relationship (including one L. Sackville-Baggins, whose appearance on "Antiques Road Show" with her priceless Took-heirloom silver spoon set that was found unexpectedly to be made of mithril was widely seen). The refusal of plaintiffs to give defendant their Birthday Present, year after year, has inflammed this case and raised a question of violation of the Arnorians with Disabilites Act of 1973 (plaintiffs having been evaluated at the Elrond Clinic and clearly having a number of psychological disorders).

Furthermore, defendants' claim that said property is no longer in their possession, having been hurled into an abyss, and that the issue is moot since plaintiff themselves were also hurled into said abyss, is disputed; not only are there no objective witnesses to said hurling available (as all parties agree that S. Gamgee is an unreliable and biased observer) but that reputable authorities, including Mithrandir and Glorfindel, along with two Balrogs, have attested that no one in Middle Earth has ever died from being hurled into an abyss.

There has even been a concern raised about defendants being a flight risk based on previous behavior (both defendants having on occasion suddenly and without notice disappearing from their known dwellings) and on internet reports of frequent visits to the website

It is hoped that mediation will finally bring to a conclusion this ongoing dispute, which has been in process and consuming valuable resources and billable hours, for 75 years to date.
7. pilgrimsoul
Dearest Bilbo and Frodo, Happy Birthday! And to those who share your day, greetings for a wonderful year.
Is it December yet?
8. driceman
As much as I love Bilbo and Frodo, "being great" with swords seems like a bit of a stretch. I always felt they relied on their cleverness to help fight the good fight in Middle Earth, and their incredible resilience to the Ring was, of course, a huge asset (there's a good connection). Sure Frodo stabbed a goblin's foot in Fellowship and I'm sure they both killed an orc or two somewhere in there, but "great" is a bit much.
9. Petar Belic
Thank you Dr Thanatos, that was great fun.
10. jerec84
I share a birthday with Biblo and Frodo. A fact that I've been pleased about since I first had the Hobbit read to me when I was very young.
Miss Kai
11. wolfkit
Swords? Wasn't it just the one sword used by both? Has it been too long since I last read the books?
Isabel Hilton
12. imzadinot
Dr Thanatos, that made my day.

Didn't they both wear the Mithril vest from Thorin? And except dangerous, difficult job offers/quests from Gandalf??

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